10 Best Foods for Living a Long Productive Life



More often than not, we have been discouraged from eating highly flavoured dishes for the sake of our health. However, spices have many advantages, provided they do not suffer from a particular ailment, which makes spicy food impossible. Curcumin, for example, has antibacterial properties and can treat colds without the side effects of medications.


Creamy, buttered avocados are full of precious substances that help the intestines and thus brain function, which is the key to longevity. An avocado contains about 33% of the recommended daily fat intake. And it is the “good” fat that we mention, easily digested and metabolized.


Okra tastes like squash and green bean, making it one of the easiest vegetables to highlight in your diet. Low in calories, okra can be a source of valuable substances, excellent for bones, colon, and brain. High in fiber, okra aids digestion helps eliminate toxins and maintain healthy blood glucose levels.


And who doesn’t like nuts? They will be eaten as a snack to cut hunger or added to salads, desserts and stews. Eat them regularly and you will feel better in your body and mind. Nuts help reduce “bad” cholesterol and maintain traditional metabolism.


An invaluable source of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, kale has always been a top source of healthy vegetables. Full but light, kale helps repel cancer, is gentle on the lungs and promotes the growth of heart cells.


The vine has been cultivated by mankind for 6000 years. Filled with phytochemicals and vital vitamins, grapes should be a staple in every modern person’s diet. They reduce the risk of chronic heart disease and stop blockage of the arteries. Grapes have a coffee insulin response rate, so they are considered safe for diabetics, especially red and dark grapes.


Beans and lentils are a healthier alternative to meat: you will eat them safe for the intestines, digestion and other systems. They also make nerves healthier and stop atherosclerosis. To maximize the nutritional value of beans, let them germinate before eating.


And don’t neglect garlic. Garlic is highly valued by other cultures for its healthy properties and is one of the key foods in the longevity diet. Garlic strengthens our immunity during cold and flu season. Combined with lemon, it helps to keep the arteries clean.


The antioxidant effect of berries is well known. They strengthen our immunity to disease. They also help people age gracefully, enough reason to incorporate berries into their diet. A portion of wild berries should be sufficient to avoid cognitive decline related to advanced age.

live oil

Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, vegetable oil is a much better choice than regular vegetable oils. It is said to be particularly good for the intestines. Just confirm that you are buying a high-quality extra virgin oil, pressed from olives according to the normal cold method.

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