10 Crazy Examples Of Social Distancing Gone Wrong


According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) COVID-19… COVID-19 is mainly spread among people who are in close contact (within about 6 feet) for an extended period of time”.

That’s old news. Most of us are fully aware of the danger of getting too close to others while the coronavirus is at large. The few times we go out, during any given week, most of us practice “social distancing” in good faith.

Unfortunately, some hate them so much that the mere polite attempt to enforce them throws them into a tantrum. 10 crazy examples of social dissociating gone wrong are listed below.

10. Crazed Couple Assaults Hassidic Jews

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some countries found very new and technologically advanced ways to enforce social distancing policies. In Singapore, for example, they have to hire a robot dog (developed by Boston Dynamics) called Spot, who patrols parks and, with a polite but firm female voice, tells citizens: “Let’s keep Singapore healthy. Please stand at least one meter apart for your own safety and that of your fellow human beings. Thank you.”[1]

What do you do if you don’t have a robot dog in your area to remind people to practice social distancing? Well, you definitely don’t do what a couple did in Brooklyn, New York, in early May.

Paul and Clelia Pinho (aka Kevin and Karen), who worked as social distancing officers, immediately turned around completely.

During a drive in Brooklyn on a Sunday night, Paul and Clelia spotted a large group of Hasidic Jews who had gathered outside. The couple immediately stopped their vehicle, jumped out and ran towards them. They threw anti-Semitic insults at them and said, “You are the reason why we get sick.

Paul called the police and then tried to tear down the masks of three of the Hasidic men, as he was not content to wait for the authorities to clarify everything. This sparked a dispute. The pair were then overpowered by a volunteer watch group called Shomrim Patrol. She held the attacking couple until police arrived.

The couple were taken to hospital where Paul was treated for an injury to his arm. His wife was treated for minor injuries.

Mayor Bill De Blasio was disgusted by the incident, saying, “We do not accept bias in New York City. We do not accept hatred in any form.”[2][3]

9. Kissing Bandit Calls Cops On Bar

While the reasons for some citizens’ attempts to police social distancing are at least a little logical, the same cannot be said of a Florida woman named Audra Adams.

The Monkey Bar and Grille in Indialantic was the scene of this very strange, self-destructive case of a social distancing that went wrong.

Upset that the bar did not practice coronavirus guidelines for social distancing, Adams called the police not once, not twice, but five times. The strange thing about the whole thing was that Adams himself kept trying to kiss other bar-goers.

The bar owner told police that Adams’ repeated attempts to snuggle every stranger within reach didn’t go down well, which is no surprise. After some complaints, he asked her to leave the bar.

Adams eventually left the bar, but refused to leave the parking lot, saying, “I’m going to sit in the parking lot all night.”

The police eventually arrested her for improper conduct, non-violent resistance against an officer and for abusing the 911 system.[4]

8. Supermarket Showdown

Shopping in supermarkets during the COVID-19 pandemic has undergone many changes, including the increase in cleaning and hygiene measures; shortening shop opening hours; the closure of counters, soup bars, olive bars, and self-service tables; Markings on the ground to ask buyers to keep 6 feet apart and reserve the first hour of each day exclusively for seniors.[5]

It is obvious that a stress-free once-weekly trip to stock up on food and other essentials has made the pandemic something far more delicate and stressful.

A poor soul has experienced on the hard tour how much things have changed. He was just done shopping and on his way home when he stopped and put his bags on the floor. Three men came up to him. He asked them to follow the rules of social distancing. Instead, they flipped out.

One of the three, an 18-year-old man from Milton, rested. A brawl broke out and the 18-year-old attacker fled the scene.

Fortunately, he was found about a month later and arrested.[6]

7. Triggered Man Pulls Out Gun

Who would have thought that the formation of a line today could be so tense?

Standing in line is simply a fact of life. Everyone has to do it at some point, and even on a good day it’s not exactly a pleasure. But, let’s wait and see.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, standing in the queue led to a further social distancing. For a man, that was a wrinkle too much.

When Ricardio Pantojas, 40, waited in a queue outside Citizens Bank in Boston in early May this year, he apparently stood too close to another customer waiting in the same queue. The other customer asked Ricardio to withdraw and follow the social distancing guidelines. Ricardio had other ideas.

“When he was asked to leave, the male suspect refused to socially distance himself and adhere to the line restraints, swung a firearm and directed it toward the victims,” police said. “Before the police arrived, the male suspect and a female accomplice jumped into a car and fled the scene.

Police later tracked down the pair. When they searched their car, they found a semi-automatic Bersa .380.

Police beat Ricardio with a number of charges, including: carrying a loaded firearm on a public road.[7][8]

6. Jogging Ain’t What It Used To Be

COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways. One of the more obvious changes has meant that we have to stay at home much more often than we are used to. If we spend most of our time in our own four walls, we can of course get a little cabin colliery. Excursions outside, however short they may be, can give us a little relief.

For a jogger from Cambridge, Massachusetts, his relief turned into a nightmare.

As he approached a man walking with his two young children, the jogger told the three of them that he would jog on the street to give them the social distance they needed. At some point during the jogger’s explanation, the man pulled out a knife and told him to “take the ‘escape’ across the street.”

Police later found a man with the jogger’s description. The man denied pulling a knife. Officers searched the man but did not find the weapon. However, police later found a 4-inch blade in a yard bag, just steps from where they were talking to the man.

Despite this, the jogger decided not to file a complaint.[9]

5. Doctor Diagnosed With Short Temper

Among the groups of people who became heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic, the medical professionals are probably the ones who earned the most of this award. Although they are at risk of being infected themselves by the patients who treat them, their vital work has led to a huge outburst of public gratitude and countless messages documenting their courage.[10]

Dr. John Rademaker, 57, of Prospect, Kentucky, is a doctor who will definitely not receive any glowing records in the foreseeable future. And everything was captured on video.

In the first seconds we see a verbal confrontation between two groups of people – an older man and a woman and several younger women. One of the younger women is heard to say, “Yes, we’re going… please, let’s not cuddle up.” Then, a few seconds later, the same young woman says: “No, I won’t call you anything, Lord, just don’t talk to us -“

Then she is cut off by Dr. Rademaker, who points his finger at a girl on the screen and says, “This ‘peeping’ girl here”. He then approaches the young women as the camera follows. Just as one of the young women says, “Don’t touch-“,” he pushes some of them.

From there, hell breaks loose as Dr. Rademaker walks towards another young woman lying on the ground. Suddenly he falls, and according to reports, he then “grabbed her by the neck”.

In panic, the young women began screaming and roaring. Incredibly, within seconds, a simple social distancing dispute turned into a violent attack.

As a result, Dr. Rademaker was charged with first-degree strangulation and three counts of physical contact. The organization to which he belonged, The Southern Indiana Anesthesia Consultants, placed him on leave. He then voluntarily resigned from his post.

Three witnesses testified that the nine young women had come to the scene to watch the sunset.[11]

4. Grocery Store Assault

During the COVID-19 pandemic queuing in your local grocery store, it has become a habit for everyone and a constant exercise in trusting your fellow shoppers. Everyone must cooperate, otherwise the spread of COVID-19 can take place.

At a grocery store in Sydney, Australia, a woman in her late 50s was standing in line at the checkout when a man behind her came a little too close to her. She turned around and asked him to take a step back. The man, who was captured on CCTV, did not take the woman’s suggestion well. When she was busy paying for her purchases, he hit her in the back of the head with a bottle. The man then fled the store.

The woman was treated as a precaution and taken to hospital.

Soon after, police discovered the man in a nearby park. As they approached him, the man pulled out a meat lobe. The police tasered him and arrested him.[12]

3 Mask Request Leads To Killing

Social distancing can be reinforced by wearing a mask. The Mayo Clinic advises wearing a cloth mask because “… Cloth masks can help to reduce the spread of coronavirus by people who have COVID-19 but are not aware of it.”[13]

Unfortunately, not only do some people refuse to wear a mask in public, but a few take such an extreme attitude that violence soon follows.

This happened earlier this year at a Family Dollar store in Flint, Michigan. One security guard, Calvin Munerlyn, 43, was doing his job when he asked a customer to put on a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Instead of complying, the woman left the store. Her mother, Sharmel Teague and Munerlyn, then got into a screaming duel. Munerlyn then asked her to leave the store as well. She did.

At the time, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer ordered all retail employees and customers to wear a mask.

Twenty minutes later, two men came into the store – one of whom was Sharmel’s husband. He began shouting at Munerlyn for not respecting his wife. The other man then pulled out a gun and shot Munerlyn, killing him on the spot.

Ramonyea Travon Bishop, 23, Larry Edward Teague, 44, and Sharmel Teague, 45, were charged with first-degree premeditated murder.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton summed up the sad situation and said, “By all indications, Mr. Munerlyn has only done his job by maintaining the governor’s executive order in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic for the safety of employees and customers of the stores.

Tina James, Munerlyn’s desperate cousin, added: “It’s pointless. Because of a mask. Because of a mask? That is not the right way to do things at the moment. We need to come together.”

A devastating loss for the community, they all came together and held a candlelight vigil in Munerlyn’s honor.[14][15]

2. Man Records And Celebrates Partiers Defying Stay At Home Order

On March 22, 2020, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced a “stay-at-home order”[16] whose section 3 explicitly states that “every meeting of ten persons is prohibited unless it is exempted by this Ordinance”.

Less than a month later, a group of young people decided to hold a party. Rashaan Davis, 25, was on hand to record the celebrations. Not only did he take up the celebration, but he also uploaded it to YouTube.

During the video, Davis can be heard saying, “This is how we do this in my city, man. We don’t care about this coronavirus.” The party-goers stood on cars and danced to the music.

Police documents accuse Davis of violating house rules and encouraging others to violate the order.[17]

1 Park Ranger Pushed Into Lake

The Austin Parks Foundation in Austin, Texas, took COVID-19 very seriously and published guidelines for citizens’ use of their parks. While urging people to stay at home, the APF advised those who use the parks to grab much-needed fresh air, they advised them not to touch playing areas, swings, tables and benches, fitness equipment, sports equipment and water fountains[18].

They should have included parking attendants on the list.

In a video of the incident, a park ranger can be seen standing on the edge of a lake, quietly explaining the social distancing guidelines to a group of young people. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a guy pushes him into the water. The pusher itself has also fallen into it. He quickly got out and ran away.

The video ends when the park ranger gets up again, leaves the water and walks towards the man who pushed him in.

Police later arrested 25-year-old Brandon Hicks for attempted assault on a public servant and damage to city property.

Kimberly McNeeley, director of the Austin Parks & Recreation Department, issued a statement about the incident: “Our rangers continue to work to ensure that residents use the parking facilities properly during the COVID-19 pandemic. We ask the public to treat rangers with the same respect they want to show themselves. Public support is essential for Austin to meet the challenges of this pandemic..”[19]

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