10 Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s Every Senior Should Know


Alzheimer’s disease is now the leading death cause in England, and it affects one in 14 people over 65 worldwide. Experts say prevention is more important and effective than treatment. So if any of these early signs of Alzheimer’s appear, see a doctor quickly.

1. Memory Loss That Disrupts Everyday Life

Memory loss is one of the most common and earliest signs of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s normal as one ages, though, if you can’t remember recently learned information, frequently forget important things, or have to rely on memory aids, visit your doctor soon.

2. Difficulty In Following A Plan

Some people with Alzheimer’s may experience challenges in following a plan. They may have trouble concentrating and need more time to do things they easily did before, such as following a familiar recipe or keeping track of monthly bills.

3. Trouble Performing Familiar Tasks

Individuals with Alzheimer’s often find it difficult to complete familiar daily tasks. They may have difficulty using a household appliance, preparing a meal, opening a car window, or remembering a favorite game’s rules.

4. Confusion With Place Or Time

People with Alzheimer’s always lose track of time and forget dates and seasons. They may get confused about where they are or how they got there and can’t find their way home. They may also have difficulty understanding things that aren’t happening immediately.

5. Trouble Understanding Visual Images

Some Alzheimer’s patients may have vision problems. They may have difficulty in balancing a checkbook, understanding the meaning of numbers or visual images, determining color or contrast, judging distance, or driving to a familiar location.

6. Problems With Words

People with Alzheimer’s may have trouble speaking and writing. In a conversation, they may stop suddenly and have no idea what to say next, or repeat themselves. They may also have problems writing coherently, naming a familiar thing, or using the right words.

7. Misplacing Things

People with Alzheimer’s may put things in unusual places and can’t retrace steps to find them again. As the disease progresses, they may even accuse others of stealing the items they misplaced or lost.

8. Poor Judgment

A person living with Alzheimer’s may have trouble in proper judgment or decision-making. They may suddenly give away a large amount of money, wear inappropriate clothing, or pay less attention to grooming and keeping themselves clean.

9. Withdrawal From Social Activities

Individuals with Alzheimer’s may withdraw from work, hobbies, social activities, or other engagements. They may have problems holding or following a conversation, or keeping up with a team or activity.

10. Changes In Mood And Personality

People with Alzheimer’s may experience rapid mood swings and personality changes. They may turn confused, fearful, suspicious, depressed, or anxious. Unexplained anger and sudden, dramatic crying are two warning signs of Alzheimer’s.

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