10 Instant Movie Classics Of The Last 10 Years


Most films are ephemeral, some slow burners, but only a few become instant classics and immediately connect with audiences. The list of movie classics averages over a year.

They are not high-sounding films, or have high-grossing openings, because those films often don’t bother to watch more than once.

A movie to get into the movie classics list that you want to rewind.

Movies that you still think about long after the end credits roll, they tell us about ourselves or our relationships, and sometimes they take the film in a new direction.

10. 2011—Drive

There are not a lot of car movies that join the list of classic films. People who usually shout shiny cars, high-octane music, and ‘Drive!

Not drive. Ryan Gosling plays the driver, a stunt man / runaway driver who is not financially named by his words. Even the stingy.

He prefers to drive a countless family car at speed limits, observes all stop signs, while listening to police scanners and sports on the radio.

Drive is a neo-noir car chase movie where Carrie Mulligan falls in love with a neighbor. As with all neo-noir love affairs, the path of true love does not go smoothly. Not even close.

If you still want a clever, soft-spoken car chase film that still offers thrills of NMC spills, Drive is definitely one.

9. 2012—The Master

Master Joaquin Phoenix plays the mentally impaired war veteran and Philip Seymour Hoffman as the charismatic leader of the new religious movement, vaguely called The Cause. Phoenix initially finds solace and acceptance with his new family, which is what he needs after his haunting experiences in World War II, but Hoffman begins to realize that he may not be the most messiah. First, there is.

Based on (most) Scientology, The Cause is a religion devised by Hoffman on the spot. However, Phoenix is ​​convinced and begins working for The Cause.

However, PTSD, which he experienced during the war, is recurring and PTSD does not correlate well with attractive religion and moonshine. Who knows?

The Master won multiple awards when released and received Oscar nominations for both Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman. The two stars received the Volpi Cup at The Venice Film Festival and the Silver Lion. It should win the Golden Lion for Best Picture, but has been reduced due to a rule that prevents it from winning both Best Actress and Best Direction honors (Quentin Tarantino appealed when he was Chair of Judge in 2010, but has not changed since.)

There is no sweeping of boards in Venice.

8. 2013—Her

Joaquin Phoenix was in great shape in 2010 and in 2013 he starred in another classic film, Hur. Phoenix plays Theodore Twombly, the lone man who spends his days writing romances to people he doesn’t know. When he upgrades his computer to include a virtual assistant who has the voice of Scarlett Johansson, he slowly falls in love with her.

The computer is programmed to develop based on their interactions and she literally becomes his ideal woman. Except for the part where she wasn’t actually a woman. Can their love conquer all? Of course not, but this film is beautiful research that makes us happy, and why we often struggle to express our feelings.

He may win the award for the lowest-grossing film ever nominated for the Best Picture Oscar.

That’s not a real award. Zizzyks Road is the lowest-grossing film ever for a theatrical release, making $ 30 in the opening (and closing) week. Perhaps no one can pronounce it. I have 2 tickets for jizz…, we have 2 tickets for millers, please. It’s not nominated for an Oscar or anything.

He made only 8,000 258,000 in its opening weekend, proving that the quality of the film is not how much money you make. We Comedy The Millers, a comedy adaptation of Jennifer Aniston’s incredible stripper, was released the same year as her, and grossed $ 26.5 million on opening weekend. Not all moviegoers are smart.

7. 2014—Birdman

Actors sometimes have fragile ego. And the big ego. Really big ego.

Birdman, The Unhinged Virtue of Ignorance, is a film about the ego. He is the fragile ego of an aging star who never plays the roles he wants (the gravity of a bird’s clothing is difficult to contain), and the immense ego of a young actress who believes they are invincible.

Michael Keaton plays his most famous character — a sickly old man — a bird / man with superpowers — but he can’t move. In order to reinvent himself as an actor, he invests all his savings on a Broadway show, which he writes, directs and stars, while his mental health is torn around him.

No one plays the man on the edge of a nervous breakdown as well as Keaton. Edward Norton also stars in the show as a talented but very demanding actor. Both were outstanding performances, and the film won an Academy Award for Best Picture Oscar and Best Cinematography.

If you want a movie about unfulfilled dreams, the backs of actors, and the fragility of the helplessness or ego, this is the movie for you. A word of warning. There are a lot of scenes where Keaton and Norton dress tight-lipped. Don’t know why.

6. 2015—Spotlight

Sometimes a movie becomes a classic of its own. All the President’s Men is a great film, to be sure, and Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman give stellar performances. But what really makes the movie a classic is Watergate, and how 2 reporters broke the story.

The film is a great film, not only because of the cast and direction, but because it has already done a great job of telling an important story. The same can be said of the spotlight.

The story follows a team of investigative journalists from The Boston Globe, called Spotlight, and their investigations into child sexual abuse.

The film features a stellar ensemble, including Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Stanley Tucci and Rachel McAdams.

The group is investigating reports of a pedophile priest working in Boston and the diocese covering it up. However, as they continue to investigate, they find evidence of systematic abuse decades ago.

Based on real-life research on the pedophile ring in Boston, published in 2002, the film is truly suspenseful. It won several Oscars, including Best Picture, with supporting actor nominations for Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams.

It probably falls into the category of an important film, but it’s not a feel-good movie.

5. 2016—Hunt For The Wilderpeople

If you’re looking for a lightweight feel-good movie, you don’t need to look any further than Hunt for the Wilderpeople. An adventure-comedy from New Zealand, the film stars Sam Neill and Julian Dennison, who seem to have made a specialty of criminal foster children who really want to be loved (see also Deadpool 2).

Dennison is a city boy, and his criminal past is a travesty of time and time. He encourages him to be a sympathetic, short-term adoptive mother, and Sam Neal as a reluctant adoptive father, who finds it difficult to express any emotion.

The story of how they escaped into the bush to avoid taking Dennison back into foster care is funny and touching, never sentimental. Neil teaches his foster son how to live in the bush, and Dennison teaches him how to love. And read on. The release of Hunt for the Wilderpeople has been a modest success, but its reputation has grown and continues to grow. It is definitely worth the watch.

4. 2017 Call Me By Your Name and The Shape Of Water

Some years produce a bumper crop of classic movies, and 2017 2 has produced some great, but very different films.

Call Me By Your Name is a beautifully illustrated line-up of the first love film to come, only in nostalgic memory of summer in Italy. Bright colors, tired afternoons, bicycles and a serious impulse for a teenager.

Timothy Chalamet is brilliant and the Army Hammer is a far better actor than anyone ever gave him credit for.

Although every bit as beautiful, Shape of Water is a completely different film. Directed by Guillermo del Toro, The Shape of Water is like a fairy tale. A mute woman falls in love with a monster when she learns to talk about hard-boiled eggs and dancing.

The film has moments of comedy, fantasy, and drama, as well as some moments that are, frankly, strange. Sally Hawkins plays a young woman, and Michael Shannon, chilling as a heartless soulless ministry man, falls between them.

Shape of Water is as beautiful as it is dark, and as romantic as it is weird. If you have never seen one you should see it, and if you see it, you should look again.

3. 2018—Roma

Many great films have epic themes. But some people work on a very small platform and scrutinize short lives.

Alfonso Cuarón’s movie, Roma, is an example set in Mexico City, which follows the life of an ordinary woman and her Unglamorous. Yelitza Aparicio plays a domestic worker in a middle-class Mexican home, where her boyfriend left after she became pregnant.

Roma is a story about women embracing each other, and men who disappoint them. It is resilience and solidarity and prevailing.

Roma is also beautiful. It was nominated for 10 Academy Awards including Best Picture and was the first winner of the Best Foreign Language Award for Oscar for Best Cinematography.

2. 2019—Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

2019 is the year of Tarantino.

The Tarantino years have always been good years. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Tarantino’s 9th film is a departure from the calculation system he only understands. While his films always mention Hollywood, they are never set in the Hollywood world. Until now.

The film combines the glamor of Hollywood stars and the darker glamor of the Manson Family. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Rick Dalton, the TV star has been reduced to guest appearances on the show, Brad Pitt is his stunt double cliff booth. Like all Tarantino movies, it also represents a million other movies, songs, and TV ads that most of us haven’t heard of. It doesn’t matter.

Unlike the other 8 movies, the heroes are very straightforward guys. Almost common, at least compared to his usual characters.

If you’re looking for another pulp fiction, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood takes a little getting used to. On the second viewing it is good, and by the third it is a masterpiece.

1. 2020 Placeholder—Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2020 washes so many new movies, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to pick up the picture from the first decade of the 21st century to complete this list. We considered Pans Labyrinth, Guillermo del Toro’s stunningly beautiful fantasy, but we already have one of his films on our list.

Mulholland Drive, David Lynch’s complex neo-noir / psychological suspense masterpiece and boyhood, is an astonishing project that has been filmed in 12 years.

But in the end, the romantics we had, we went with the Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind. Starring Jim Carrey gives a more restrained performance than usual, and Kate Winslet as a woman he will never forget.

This movie is about the sweetness of love and loss and memory. If you blink past from your mind, are you doomed to repeat your past mistakes?

Eternal Sunshine is the perfect sapi. You may need a tissue, but that’s okay. Do not allow anyone to tell you. You see a lot of forgotten movies. The Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind is not one of them.

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