10 Types of Relationships That Can Become So Damaging, You Need to Start Packing Your Bags Right Now If You’re In One


More than 12 million people suffer from partner violence every year. And this figure is shocking, as is the fact that violence is not the only sign of a toxic relationship. Isolation, a sense of fear, and even a sense of over-responsibility are signs that make you think twice before continuing your relationship with your loved one.

At Life Side, we will try to help you see your relationship from a different perspective. The main thing is to accept the truth when you recognize yourself in one of these situations. And this will be the first step towards change.

101. ” There are only 2 of us ” relationship

Isolation is one way of keeping a partner attached to you. You can feel it when your better half tries to convince you that “it’s only the 2 of you” and make you feel that you are both against the rest of the world. The fact is that this behavior may at first glance seem like a sign of closeness and affection. But things can turn out to be more serious and your partner may try to control you in this way.

When you protect yourself from the whole world, your loved one becomes your world and they begin to think that you belong to them completely. Over time you may become dependent on your soul mate and your isolation, and it will be difficult for you to build relationships outside of this.

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