12 Relationship Troubles That Exist Today


121.Spending too much time together

Finding love has never been an easy affair. Unfortunately, technology and globalization have not made the process any easier. People looking to find love in today’s world are in for a challenge. One would think that the introduction of the internet and social media will lessen the stress. However, it introduces new challenges. There is too much self-reflection, too many options, and dating keeps getting more and more complex.

In an effort to help ease the hurdles, we have highlighted 12 challenges couples are likely to face today. In so doing, you can better prepare.

The need to spend time together with your other half does not mean you have to make someone your entire universe. Meanwhile neglecting your own personal needs. The fear of being alone and constant messaging makes it very easy to put enormous strain on the relationship.

Usually, it is time to free each other and make more space when we become intolerable of our partner for no single reason and boredom sets in.

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