12 Relationship Troubles That Exist Today


1.Spending too much time together

Finding love has never been an easy affair. Unfortunately, technology and globalization have not made the process any easier. People looking to find love in today’s world are in for a challenge. One would think that the introduction of the internet and social media will lessen the stress. However, it introduces new challenges. There is too much self-reflection, too many options, and dating keeps getting more and more complex.

In an effort to help ease the hurdles, we have highlighted 12 challenges couples are likely to face today. In so doing, you can better prepare.

The need to spend time together with your other half does not mean you have to make someone your entire universe. Meanwhile neglecting your own personal needs. The fear of being alone and constant messaging makes it very easy to put enormous strain on the relationship.

Usually, it is time to free each other and make more space when we become intolerable of our partner for no single reason and boredom sets in.

2.Texting misunderstandings

Certain things never change: most of the information we get are non-verbal__ from body languages and tone. However, courtesy of Smartphones, large amounts of time are spent by people while trying to understand the intentions of each other from a one-word answer or even a single emoji.

When the need to discuss highly important issues arises, texting tends to leave us in the maze of translations. Matters of such nature do require a phone discussion or even physical meetings.

3. Anxiety about missing ’the right’ partner

Availability of online dating platforms tends to make it difficult not to ponder over the hundreds if not thousands of potential mates that may be awaiting you out in the world.  This plants doubts in our minds regarding a current (or even wonderful) partner and tempts us to question ourselves if we have indeed made the best of choice or we should go ahead and keep searching for “the ultimate one”. Psychologist gives us suggestions regarding redirection of that energy: try and become that kind of partner that you would love to have.

4. Fear of making decisions

The temptation to run away from a tough conversation is always present. Rather than taking tough decisions and take our responsibilities we mostly have a chance of simply not responding.

However, as a consequence, today’s lovers find themselves hopeless in the face of dire situations and challenges.

Even though making decisions is vital for relationships.

5. Meddling Relatives

The lack of decision-making skills forces people to frequently beseech bits of advice from relatives, thus they very easily rise to become influential figures in a couple’s relationship and have a lot of say in it.

It is vital to always remember that friends and parents cannot ever know our significant others more than us. Therefore, dropping our phone and making our own personal mistakes is the best choice thus far.

6. Going too public on social media

Users of social media usually exaggerate what they share online and try as much as possible to portray their relationships in the best of lights. This, however, affects us still in a way_ we put unrealistic targets for our own lives and the go-ahead to post photos or videos of the most vital moments for thousands of people to view, hence destroying intimacy.

When we start to feel jealous of other people’s relationships, it is important to remember that each relationship has its own enviable uniqueness. And we will never fully understand what is left hiding behind the curtains of those love stories that we envy.

7. The habit of being manipulative

Most of us are terrified of being hurt in a relationship. Therefore instead of displaying our true emotions, we usually think of how to respond using a text that wouldn’t show our cards and will hide our concern and care from our partners.

However, in the end, leaves our beloveds dejected and makes everything more complex. Being true and clear about our intentions would be the best option.

8. Lack of courage to embrace conflict

Large amounts of information are transferred via texts, but the most vital things remain unspoken__ mostly those that may bring up confrontations. Most people are very likely to free themselves from their other halves instead of bringing up a potentially dangerous conversation, even if that could lead to the end of the partnership.

9. Social media Jealousy

There are a lot of apps that afford people the opportunity to cheat. Also, with a simple gesture of like given by our crush to a picture can be the start of a new problem. It plants jealousy in a relationship and breeds the fear of betrayal.

However unless we are very certain of the cheating of our partner, the best solution will be to stop being obsessive of their social media activities.

10. Talking about exes

No partner will constantly want to hear about your exes, they however still take up a very large chunk of our lives: it can be difficult not to come across profiles of our former lovers accidentally and have a recall of your wonderful time or otherwise together. Therefore couples may end up finding themselves frequently discussing their ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends and, as it usually turns out, they don’t get over them.

11. A distorted picture of love

Social media is mainly to be blamed for our overly heightened views of love and an image of ourselves that is also highly distorted: there is always the stress of having to keep up with those perfect pictures that constantly keep popping up on our timelines. People then proceed to think that kick-starting a relationship is only worthwhile if it has no imperfection.

12. The constant pursuit of excitement

Pop culture and movies have taught us that love is about a feeling of constant euphoria and never-ending excitement. Though, this is usually more common at the start of a relationship and, as time passes by, it is okay for things to settle some more. Even with that, couples these days tend to lose their faith and patience in a relationship as soon as the euphoria relaxes.

What are the utterly complex relationship challenges you have ever faced? Do any of your friends or colleagues struggle with the same issues? Please inform us of what your thoughts are in the comments section.


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