15 Skills that are Difficult to Learn but will Pay You For Life


Having Skill will take you places, but here are 15 Skills that are Difficult to Learn; but if you do learn these skills they will pay you for life

Life has no instruction manual. There is no predefined path, or strategy put in place to make it easier for anyone (even for those born into wealth too). And even though the best of things in life may be free, they don’t come easy. They require time, sweet, and perseverance to acquire.

Learning and mastering some basic important life skills could help you become the best version of yourself. So, I ask, what are these basic life skills one has to learn that is so important? Well, to ascertain which of these skills are worth investing in, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of 15 life skills that are difficult to learn but will pay you for life

15. Enough Sleep

 Skills that are Difficult to Learn but will Pay You For Life
Enough Sleep | Image Credit:

Sleep is one very important aspect of human life. So, if you want to be stronger, happier, and more productive, focus on improving your sleep. This is because, at the end of a stressful day, your body system needs to rest and refresh from all the workload it had to go through.

And even though, there are a number of sleep hacks online to keep track with, it is advisable to form one of your own, a ritual that can help you ensure you have a good rest at night and be ready in the morning for a new day. According to recent studies, consistency with your sleep schedule makes it easier for you to fall at sleep at night and wake up in the morning. Plus, it helps Improves brain function, Aids in muscle recovery, Balances your hormones, Fights fat, and Protects your heart. Good sleep is a pillar of high performance.

14. Positive Talk

Skills that are Difficult to Learn but will Pay You For Life
Skills that are Difficult to Learn but will Pay You For Life

Self-talk is an act of talking to yourself aloud or mentally. It could help encourage you or discourage you with respect to what you tell yourself. Mastering to always remain positive and void your mind of negative thoughts is one sure way to improve on your mental health and help you grow.

According to Dr. Magdalena Battles, “You live the words you tell yourself in your mind.” And if those words are words that would encourage you, you certainly would feel that way. And remember, “Ultimately it doesn’t matter what others think of you, but what you think of yourself certainly does, and it takes time to build that level of confidence and ability to believe in yourself when nobody else does.” -writes Shobhit Singhal.

13. Asking for help

Skills that are Difficult to Learn but will Pay You For Life
Skills that are Difficult to Learn but will Pay You For Life

A lot of people allow their pride and ego get the best of them, and find it difficult to seek help from others believing they can do things on their own. Meanwhile, others feel shy or embarrassed to seek others aid. But the truth is, in life, no man is an island. Everyone needs someone, and according to a recent study from the Harvard Business School suggests doing so makes you look more, not less, capable.

When you seek for others opinions or advice, you validate their intelligence or expertise, which makes you more likely to win them over- study authors. Louise Christy writes “I once was told in a job interview, ‘You can’t have this job if you can’t ask for help when you need it,’”. “Naturally, I said I could. Later, I found out that the previous person with that job had screwed up big-time because he was in over his head but couldn’t admit it and didn’t ask for help.”

She explains that people find it surprisingly difficult to learn how to know when they need help and asking for it because no one wants to be seen as weak or incompetent.

12. Consistency

Skills that are Difficult to Learn but will Pay You For Life
Skills that are Difficult to Learn but will Pay You For Life

There’s this old saying, “If you do something over and over again, you will soon become good at it”. That’s the case with consistency. It sounds easy, but believe me when I tell you many people find it difficult to be consistent.

Whether you are trying out a new exercise routine, studying for the LSAT, or working on an important project, consistency is very vital to maintaining any kind of success.

Most people tend to stop working hard when they reach the top or achieve a certain level of success. But to maintain that top position or remain successful is the difficult part because they need to work even harder and be more consistent in their work.

11. Know when to speak and When to be quite

Skills that are Difficult to Learn but will Pay You For Life
Skills that are Difficult to Learn but will Pay You For Life

Learning to keep your mouth shut and listen more can be very difficult, especially when you always feel you could make a point. But, it is one of the most valuable skills to learn, especially when you’re agitated.

Mastering the art of keeping your thoughts to yourself, staying quiet when you need to, is very vital especially in some situations that would escalate if you speak. For example, you need to understand when to stop talking to someone who is too upset to listen rationally to anything you have to say. At that point, it useless to respond to them.

10. The Act of Listening

Skills that are Difficult to Learn but will Pay You For Life
Skills that are Difficult to Learn but will Pay You For Life

When you master the art of shutting up when you need to, the next skill to add to your life’s skill set is learning to listen patiently to others. It is one thing to just look at people when they talk, it is another to pay attention and listen to them.

According to the author of “What Keeps Leaders Up At Night,” Nicole Lipkin, who previously told Business Insider, “Most of us in the workplace are so overwhelmed with things to do — instant messaging, phones ringing. I mean, our brain can only tolerate so much information before it snaps,”. It is important to pay attention to others as it makes them feel more confident to talk to you.

“One way for active listening is repeating back what you heard to another person. As it makes thing a lot easier when everyone is on the same page” – Nicole Lipkin

9. Control Your Thoughts

Skills that are Difficult to Learn but will Pay You For Life
Skills that are Difficult to Learn but will Pay You For Life

Mark Givert writes “The challenge is that we are the product of our past experience and all of our thinking is the result of this. However, the past does not equal the future.” If you could learn to master your mind, to be able to consciously direct your thinking, you will become the best version of yourself and do more with your time than wallow in your emotions and stress.

8. Avoid Gossip

Avoid Gossip
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Jason T Widjaja also explains the difficulty in learning to resist some talks and awkwardly having to tell people, “Hey, sorry to interrupt but I really don’t need to know that, could we talk about something else?” “But press on and you will get your priceless reward: trust,” he writes.

7. Minding your business

There is this old saying that the people who grow the oldest are those who mind their business. It may sound funny, but it may be true. But how exactly can you do this, mind your business? It really is simple, according to Aarushi Sharma, all you have to do is simply ignore sticking your nose into other people’s work. “It takes ages to learn and master this,” Aarushi Sharma writes. It is time and resources wasteful. Plus, “You have no right to put forth your two or four cents, even if you are the last righteous person standing,” she says.

6. Staying present in the moment

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Matt Killing worth, a Happiness Researcher, explains that most people aren’t very good at staying present at the moment. He says that 47% of the time people are thinking about something other than what they’re currently doing. And it could hurt, if not hurting our happiness already.

He says “People are less happy when they’re mind-wandering no matter what they’re doing. For example, people don’t really like commuting to work very much. It’s one of their least enjoyable activities, and yet they are substantially happier when they’re focused only on their commute than when their mind is going off to something else. It’s amazing.

5. Learning a new language

Learning a new language
Language Master

Imagine knowing how to speak and understand up to five different languages, how cool is that? You become open to new kinds of conversations and new opportunities as well.

This is one of the most important skills to add to your curriculum. According to Csigi, the founder and CEO of Balázs Csigi blogs, and also a native-Hungarian speaker and Metaphor English, “Mastering English has been an incredible gift in my life. I received a new mindset, a new set of emotions, and a new way of thinking.”

The same could be said of learning any new language. According to him, the key to learning another language is to master every bit of the culture, no easy feat, but surely a worthwhile pursuit.

4. Learn To Speaking Up

Learn To Speaking Up
Skills that are Difficult to Learn but will Pay You For Life

Many people find it really tough to express their opinion in public. Some feel too timid, others may feel indifferent about it. But the reality of it is that public speaking is a great skill to harness. It helps boosts a persons confidence and you may never know how far your thoughts shared could go. Warren Buffet, America’s top business mogul said he was once so terrified of speaking in public that it would make him throw up.

According to him, “In fact, I arranged my life so that I never had to get up in front of anybody,” he told his biographer Alice Schroeder in “The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life.” It took practicing giving speeches numerous times in front of his Dale Carnegie speaking course classmates to finally conquer his fear.

3. Be Honesty To Others

Be Honesty To Others
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To be completely honest with others can be really compelling and awkward because most times you really don’t have anything nice to say, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say it. According to Gillet, she suggests that radical candor is the way to practice complete honesty with others. Wondering what the radical candor is? We’ve got you covered. It is using the acronym HHIPP to remember: Radical candor is humble, helpful, immediate, in person, and it doesn’t personalize.

2. Be Honesty with Yourself

Skills that are Difficult to Learn
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Sounds easy right? But truth is, it is surprisingly very difficult to do for most people. So much of what we tell ourselves about ourselves is lies, which explains why most people don’t really know themselves. But if you can learn the life skill of honesty with yourself, and make it a habit to be brutally honest with yourself always, the rewards will be personal integrity and respect from others, both currencies that will take you far in life.

1. Empathy

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What is empathy? And why do you need to learn about it? These are some questions people ask when they hear about it. Empathy is the ability to feel what others feel, it is what makes good sales and service people truly great. “You can be the most disciplined, brilliant, and even wealthy individual in the world, but if you don’t care for or empathize with other people, then you are basically nothing but a sociopath,” writes Kamia Taylor.

It is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. Definitions of empathy encompass a broad range of emotional states – Wikipedia.

This skill is important to learn but really difficult to understand because, most people like to see from their own perspective, neglecting what others might be going through.

If you could see past your own viewpoint, it would help you understand the different struggles a lot of different people are going through and how

you could actually be of help.

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