20 Genius Car Hacks Even Veterans Don’t Know


I believe you guys all drive very well, but some annoying problems have nothing to do with your driving skills, such as foggy headlights, frosting mirrors, or an unsightly dent. Check out these 20 genius tips, and you will be free from all the problems in no time.

191. Cool Down Your Hot Car Quickly

Have you ever entered a car in the hot summer, and the air inside was so desperately stifling that you couldn’t even breathe? Simply roll down the passenger side window, and open and close the driver’s side door quickly and repeatedly. The door can work as a fan to let the stale air out and fresh air in.

2. Fix A Dent With A Plunger And Hot Water

Have any minor accidents left a dent in your car? Don’t worry. You can fix it by yourself quickly. Pour the hot water over the dented area, and then cover it with the plunger and pull! A slight dent will come out soon enough, and even a deep one can become less noticeable.

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