20 Surprising Things Banana Peels Can Do For You


After eating up a delicious banana, what do you usually do with the leftover peel? Well, there are actually much more surprising benefits and uses of it than being thrown into the trash. Read on to figure out!

101. Polishing Your Leather Shoes

Dislike the chemical smell of shoe polish? Try a banana peel! It can provide potassium and mild-waxiness for your leather shoes without any annoying smell, which helps diminish the marks of scuffs and water damage. Use the inner side of a banana peel to spread over your leather shoe and wipe it with a soft cloth, and then you’ll find it as good as new!

2. Whitening Your Teeth 

Sticking to use the inner side of banana peel to rub your teeth can be a low-cost but useful solution to sparkle your teeth. The salicylic acid and citric acid retained in it can remove the surface stains of teeth without wearing down your enamel. It’s better than using chemicals making your teeth uncomfortably sensitive, which also saves you a great amount of money compared to having professional teeth cleaning.



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