20 Surprising Things Banana Peels Can Do For You


After eating up a delicious banana, what do you usually do with the leftover peel? Well, there are actually much more surprising benefits and uses of it than being thrown into the trash. Read on to figure out!

93. Ripening Green Fruit

Banana is one of the best green fruit ripening aids, for it can release ethylene gas, which is the leading cause for speeding up fruit-ripening. Considering that the ethylene gas was mainly produced by the banana peel, keep the leftover peel together with other green fruit for hours after eating up a banana, to see the effects of the acceleration.

4. Using In Cooking Recipes

Though banana peels are not edible, it can still be used to add some healthy and yummy goodness to your cooking recipes! Stuff a banana peel with some seasoned rice, tying it up with twine, then cooking it in a steamer. About 30 minutes later, you’ll get a delicious and delicately flavored meal.



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