22 Baby Furniture Sets for Your Little One


Baby Furniture Sets – One of the happiest moments for couples is when they become a father and mother. To welcome the blessing, they will certainly prepare it carefully. For that reason, purchase baby furniture will be a thrilling activity for them. It is because they should be able to find the right furniture for their baby.

Some may focus on the furniture price, whether it is affordable or looks beautiful. However, the safety factor is also significant to note. Your baby must be well preserved to avoid threats that can hurt them. Therefore, there are some furniture designs that I have chosen for your baby’s room.

The baby furniture sets can consist of several items such as cabinets, cribs, side tables, chairs, changing tables and so on. This design inspiration is certainly not only safe for your baby but also makes the home decor look more dazzling. Besides the importance of security factors, furniture selection can also be tailored to the needs of the room. Let’s take a look at the photos below so that you can get a clear vision of your nursery decor.

1. Load of Stickers White

Image: Vertbaudet

White is undoubtedly the perfect color for modern design. Then choose a white baby crib with a drawer underneath as a storage place. After that, put a beautiful rack to complete it. I like this nuance because it looks more baby-friendly. But if you think white feels monotonous, add brightly colored decoration in the room.

2. John Lewis Toronto

John Lewis Toronto

The modern hues are selected for this nursery. There is also a triangular accent on the wall. Right beside the crib, you can see a big white cabinet. It can boost the modern impression you want to highlight. But if you are interested in creating a more colorful impression, invest in a blue couch and a dark purple carpet.

3. Baby room Room


Do you have a baby girl? Pink may be the right choice for the baby’s room. Simply place the furniture with pink shades. It can make the nursery look softer and very close to the princess theme. Also, accentuate the room with cute decoration to make it more pretty.

4. Baby Nursery Girl

I like the combination of straight lines as baby room accents. A contour of the furniture also further strengthens this room theme. The soft color selection for this room is a brilliant idea as well. Thus, we can feel the soothing and graceful impression of the nursery.

5. Musso Design Group– Modern Nursery

Musso Design Group

Musso Design Group provides great design inspiration for a modern nursery. Although space is small, the selection of color, carpet, and furniture make it look stunning. Consider also a gently contoured crib for the room. Also, the contrast of purple and white makes this style work very well for rooms that are not spacious.

6. Aqua as well as Orange Modern Boys Nursery

Little Crown Interiors

To support this theme, place a crib with a brown touch on the side and bottom. Then put a same-colored cabinet to complement your modern boy’s nursery. The brown is working very well with a room that carries the dominance of aqua and orange shade.

7. Mothercare Lulworth 3-piece Nursery Furniture Bundle– White Pepper

Mommy Care

Choose Mothercare Lulworth 3-piece nursery furniture set with classic white shade. This series was designed with a white touch on the oak feature and the contrast effect makes the room looks charming. A little extra tip, you should install cute patterned wallpaper with a slightly dark color.

8. Larkin Toddler Bed Conversion Kit

Pottery Barn Kids

This bed kit can be changed from a crib into a toddler bed. It certainly can be a good investment for you. The material also has a high-quality standard, so it is more durable. Next tips try collaborating white and warm pink for a calm and soothing look. Of course, this nursery atmosphere would be more suited for a baby girl.

9. Store Teddy Bear


Introducing a cute character to the little one? Why not! You can set a Teddy Bear patterned bed linen to the crib. I’m sure it looks cute and adorable. Choose also a decor with a similar theme and hang it on the wall. This decoration will help your baby learn to develop his imaginative abilities.

10. Baby Room Furniture

Ismail Cetiner

A good blend of color can make the baby’s room look beautiful. So, combine soft pink with blue to create a more comfortable atmosphere. Both colors are also neutral so that it can be used in baby boy’s or girl’s room. Last but not least, accentuate the colors with bright wooden flooring to strengthen the mood.

11. Kiddicare Darcy Nursery Furniture Cot Bed Roomset White


Simplicity will bring an elegant impression. Do you agree? Darcy’s furniture can support this style. To create a point of interest in the room, stick a simple pattern on the wall. Then choose the paint color that contrasts with white, like dark blue for example.

12. Baby Bear Bed Set

Pam Grace Creations

Put a brown wooden crib next to an open wooden shelf. The shelf can be used for your baby container. As a compliment, a white cabinet with a glass door feature can be placed next to the crib. Then, add cute character patterns on the wall to give an imaginative look.

13. Baby room Room 1


Make your baby feel like a princess? Just stick to pink and white furniture because both colors always match the princess mood. In order not to appear monotonous, also give a catchy pattern on the wall. And select a softer color for the feminine touch.

14. John Lewis Lasko Nursery Furniture, White

John Lewis

The accent letters on the wall became the center of attention. Don’t you think it’s adorable? Moreover, white furniture makes it more appealing. Other tips for you, insert a warm blue accent into the nursery to make it more elegant.

15. Elephants 10 Piece Crib Bedding Set

Image: Bacati

If your baby’s furniture is white, set it with a livelier color tone. This Elephants 10-piece crib bedding set, for example, will add an enticing touch to your nursery. I think the elephant pattern will attract your baby’s attention as well.

16. Furniture Ranges & & Sets

John Lewis

Although it looks basic, wood furniture is very innovative in its own way. For those of you who like the natural feel, this will be the right choice. It is because the furniture works very well in a rustic mood. To avoid a stiff impression, invest a white fur carpet and unique contoured lamp to make the baby’s room feel more captivating.

17. Perse Collection

This collection features traditional and classical sides. Gladly, it works very well with any decor style. You can also add furniture such as a light brown wooden chair or cream-colored carpet to complete it. The floor selection needs to be considered as well. And I recommend you choose the bright wooden floor.

18. Modo 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

Baby Letto

This furniture is ideal for baby girl or boy. The crib also has a sturdy and stable construction for infants. Also, the set can be a good investment because this crib can be used by toddler too. To my mind, a classic-modern style will be deeply mated with this furniture. What do you think?

19. Fall Collection

Davinci Baby

Fall collection tends to be simple but beautiful to look at. All you need to do is choose the right ornament as the finishing touch. This type of furniture is also very convenient for the classical-modern style. My advice, the color choice should be warm or not too flashy.

20. Delta Bentley’S’ Series 4-in-1 Crib in Chocolate

Delta Bentley

Dark wood crib becomes the highlight of this series. It looked cool to be placed in the nursery. This crib also can be converted into a toddler bed or full-size bed. To complete it, put two shelves with different features to support a rustic touch from the crib.

21. Harlow

Baby Letto

Harlow accents make this room look very adorable. The use of patterns on every object makes the baby’s room is charming too, especially for the cute chair beside the crib. To make it more vibrant, also settle a colorful carpet and a small study table set in your nursery.

22. Olivia Nursery Furniture Cot Bed Roomset


It is also another furniture set that blends white with wood elements. As we know, this style is perfect for giving an imaginative look in the nursery. Moreover, this set can boost the modern look by creating clean lines.

I’m sure after seeing the photos above; you got a lot of inspiration to organize your baby’s room. Yes, now you have many choices. But remember, you have to choose the ideal one according to the home circumstances. Each room has different needs of course. Better choose what you need.

Also, you must be careful when checking the safety features of the baby furniture sets. Put your baby’s safety first. To get that, you may have to spend a lot of money. Well, it can’t be denied that the price of high-quality furniture is very high. But again, don’t hesitate to buy it because it’s the best investment for your little one. Then, can you tell me which furniture concept best suits your needs?

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