30 Home Improvement Hacks Guaranteed to Improve Any Home


It takes a lot of courage to try to make improvements in your home. But you don’t need to spend a fortune to push the job to do. Not only are these small jobs easy and affordable to do at home, but they will also save you from wasting tons of time, effort and money that you should have spent finding and hiring a contractor to try to do the job for you.

1-Building a Ball Tower

If your kids are passionate about sports, you’re going to have tons of balloons lying around. They accumulate like dust under your couch, and an accident can easily occur if you let them hang out in the front room.

Instead, you’ll take things by building a bullet tower with a few simple tools. A few pieces of wood and a few luggage shadows will help you keep your bills organized in one place, hidden in a corner so they don’t get under your feet. This will allow your children to easily drop off and remove all the bullets they have when they need them.

2-Garage Foam Dam

Whether the ice is melting on your tires in the winter, whether you’ve washed your car or just got out of the rain, you don’t want that water to seep into your tools and turn them into a pile of rust. You’ll keep all this water in a corner with the simple use of spray insulation.

The spray shape is quite versatile and easy to use. Simply direct the nozzle and spray where you want the dam to hit the bottom. It stays in place and you can pass over it without damaging it. During the summer months, when you no longer need it, just scratch it. It will not damage the floor of your garage.

3-DIY Rake Squeegee

Garage floors can get dirty in a short time, especially with heavy pedestrian traffic and therefore with the dirty tires of your car that are permanently there. Or after an extended winter, tons of snow removal salt can fall and begin to destroy the inspiration of your garage floor. Washing is the simplest option, but who wants to see all these puddles dry?

Instead, you will build your own floor raclette from an easy rake and a pool noodle. Tie them along a zipper and you’ll start pushing all that dirty water out of your garage without a problem.

4-Tool Covers from Old Work Gloves

Some tools are too sharp to stay on your work tablet. Otherwise, you don’t want them to damage your workspace. You will easily solve this problem with a simple pair of old work gloves.

You can stop your fingers and slide them over the ends of your tools, such as scissors or shears so that the sharp edges are away from the delicate fingers. Another great use of old work gloves is to cut off fingers and ideas and slide them onto the handles of pliers or other tools. This can make the grip softer so that your palms don’t suffer.

5-Stripped Screws: Not a drag Anymore

When fixing or removing screws, having metal against metal makes it easier to extract screw heads, making them harder to set up or remove, and trying harder only makes them bare more.

Instead of going to buy other screws, you will solve the problem with an easy elastic. Place one side of the bungee on top of the screw and insert the screwdriver. The elastic will keep the head of the screw protected while providing enough friction to control it.

6-Put Those Old Sneakers to Good Use

You can endure tons of sneakers a year or so and he may want a waste by throwing them away. Instead, you will give them a second goal by using them on your scales.

Do you know those rubber feet that prevent the ladder from scraping the edges of your home? They wear out over time and you have to spend money to exchange them. But you will solve this problem by simply sticking your old shoes at the ends of your ladders to protect your walls and exterior. It will be an honest idea to first rub the underside of the shoes before they leave traces on your walls.

7-A Dock For Drills

Your work table is often difficult to organize when you have tons of tools lying around. This makes it easy to lose the different parts and parts assembled, making it more difficult to finish your projects.

But with a few PVC pipes, you’ll have more room for your drills and other tools. Cut 3-inch PVC pipes into sections that fit your workspace. Then cut a strip on one side; this is often where the handle of your machine’s battery pack slips so it can be hung at the bottom of your shelf.

8-Getting Out Stubborn Nails

It is often difficult to get rid of your nails, especially if you want to get them out of the nail. A crowbar can only do that, but with a little ingenuity, it is no longer necessary to drag it.

You’ll need a crowbar, but you’ll also need to get your hands on a pair of pliers. To do this, you need a crowbar, but you also need to get your hands on a pair of pliers. This will make it easier to extract without having to bend the nail.

9-Getting the sunshine without having Hands

You can invest in one of those whimsical headlamps that you simply wear when you’re doing your projects, but there are simpler solutions. The simplest thing is often that you probably already have these kinds of objects at home.

Place a flashlight in the jaw of a clamp and wrap an elastic around the arms several times to keep it locked. Then you will rotate the sun as you wish for better lighting.

10-elastic band Clampers

There are special wood tongs that you can buy at the hardware store, but they will cost you dearly. And depending on how often you’re used on wooden projects, you won’t even use them often enough.

If you have spring clamps lying around, you’ll use them instead. Simply attach them to the sting of your wooden projects and add some elastics to provide more tension and make sure everything stays in place.

11-Moving Heavy Things Without a Dolly

It is often difficult to get heavy tools or items in the garden, especially if you live alone. Hiring someone to maneuver these items for you will even cost you. So what can you do to remedy the situation?

It’s simple: PVC pipes. Take a few pieces of 4-inch PVC pipes and lay them down. Lift the stinger out of your heavy object and drag two of the pipes underneath, one at the front and one halfway down. Place your other pipes in front of the main hose and push until the bottom pipe is free. Then move this hose forward and start again. Congratulations, you made your rudimentary treadmill to maneuver your heavy objects!

12-Curved Sanding Paper

No, you won’t find that at the hardware store. You won’t even find it, unless the sandpaper is attached to another surface. You will make your own with this easy shot, which also involves PVC pipes.

Get different PVC sizes for your different projects and apply some spray glue. Spray others on the back of your sandpaper and let them dry before fixing them. For a better tool, you will attach two different types of grains to the two curves of the pipe so that you don’t have to go back and forth all the time. Now you will sand any convex surface you are working on to get a smooth finish.

13-Screw and Bit Organizer

Keeping them all in place without losing all the pieces can give rise to a struggle in futility. You will invest in one of these large organization boxes to keep your different parts. But if you’re good with a saw and glue, you’ll make your own organizers with only a few PVC pipes and a few tips.

Cut a few small pieces of pipe and paste the top caps. Then write on the surface of the pipe with a marker the dimensions of the screws or drills you put inside. You’ll know where everything is in no time.

14-Cutting Pipe with String

You can also use any string, as long as it doesn’t break easily. And you won’t need to waste time-fighting with a saw either.

Tie the PVC and retrieve your piece of string underneath. It would be a good idea to wear gloves so you don’t get light bulbs. Then just pull by moving the strings back and forth and you’ll start to notice that it cuts the pipe like butter. It’s also an honest workout.

15-Gutter Cleaner for free of charge

Dealing with gutters is a boring task that many people put off until there is a chore. It’s often a hassle to have to get on the spot and wash them: you have to line up the ladder, attach a hose, and then carry it up there so you can wash all the debris.

You can also assemble your gutter cleaner with a simple PVC hose. You will need a 3/4-inch hose, two elbows, a hose fitting, and a cap. Drill 1.5 cm holes in the hood and secure it so that the handle is long enough for you to rinse your gutters.

16-PVC Bike Rack

Storing bikes is not always a foolproof plan. Sometimes they move and advance their own, or a breeze blows the front tire in the wrong direction.

You can hold them in place with an easy-to-build wall support made entirely of PVC. The great thing about this project is that you can simply add or subtract the maximum amount as you like if you have a growing family and a motorcycle for everyone.

17-Building a Garage Vacuum

You are ready for the summer holidays and it is time to need your car on the road. Bad news: it’s filled with salt, receipts, and crumbs from the last time your kids were in the car. You’re going to vacuum and you’re going to have the inside of your car clean.

Or you could set up a central vacuum cleaner for your entire garage, which would make cleaning easier. Simply install a 2-inch sanitary T-shirt on the ceiling of your garage and place a silencer on it. By turning 90 degrees and crushing the hose, you get the right cleaning solution for your car.

18-PVC Bag Dispenser

It’s great to be able to keep a lot of these shopping bags for use in your trash cans. But you don’t want to throw them away when stacking in a corner, because it looks messy.

Instead, install a two-foot-long PVC fence post on the wall and push your extra bags into it. It’s a great way to keep them away while allowing you to access them once you’ve pulled one out.

19-Dowel Storage

The stud rods are very useful, but how to keep them away. You attach them with a rubber band, but this seems unfeasible and there is no guarantee that they will stay in place in the future.

Instead, use a 3- or 4-inch piece of PVC pipe, cut it about 30 inches long and attach a tip. Screw it all to the wall and you’ll have a great place to lay your ankles.

20-Sprinkler Socket System

Ready to water your lawn for the summer? You have found the right system with your hose so that there are no patches of dry grass this year. But putting them at the bottom and keeping them upright is trickier than it is.

Keep these extra pieces of PVC pipe and make perfect, permanent sockets for your sprinklers. They will keep the sprinklers upright so that your lawn can be watered smoothly.

21-Easier-To-Use Sandpaper

You could get an electric sander, but they are expensive. You’ll also sand by hand, but it’s the fastest thanks to the bulbs. The answer to the current problem can be right under your nose all the time.

Do you have to paint shakers? Simply wrap the agitator’s body with sandpaper, glue the ends and you get a great result with smooth wood or remove the paint without having blisters on your fingers.

22-Magnetizing a Screwdriver

Tired of trying to balance both hands by holding an in situ screws while trying to screw it? The easiest solution is to magnetize your screwdriver. This can keep the screw on top as you push it into the surface on which you perform.

It is also very easy to magnetize a screwdriver. Wash the metal end of your screwdriver and get a powerful magnet. Pass one end of the magnet with the screwdriver, from the base to the tip; don’t go back the other way. Turn the screwdriver while you do it over and over again so that everything is magnetized. That’s it!

23-Cleaning Sandpaper with a Sneaker

An electric sander can get dirty very easily and you will actually save on buying new sandpaper by simply cleaning the one you already have.

Just use an old sports shoe, press the rubber sole of the shoe against the sander blade of the installation and you will start to notice that it cleans before your eyes. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think about it earlier.

24-Cushiony Hammers: No More Damage to your Walls

Everyone made the mistake of making a hole in the wall because they missed the nail they were aiming for. It’s a classic mistake, but it’s easily avoidable.

Simply wear the rubber cap of a chair foot around the head of the hammer. Now you have a rubber mallet that also allows you to push these nails without damaging your walls. The simplest part of this hack: a rubber cap costs only a few dollars.

25-Keeping Your Tools Rust-Free

If you leave your tools too long in a toolbox, they won’t be ready to breathe, and some of them may start to rust. The situation is even worse if you don’t keep your toolbox in a cool, dry place.

You can solve this problem by simply adding a bag of breathable silica litter to your toolbox. It is designed to absorb moisture so that there is no water vapor that can settle on your tools.

26-Adding a light-weight To Your Screwdriver

It is often difficult to determine what you are aiming for if it is behind something else or if you are in a dark room. If you try to have a flashlight in another hand or combination, you may not be able to focus on the work to be done.

Instead, you’ll put on a rubber band or stick a flashlight keyring on the handle of your screwdriver so that the sun shines where you want it. you can also use both hands to not accidentally drop the screw all the time.

27-Wine Corks Get a replacement Lease on Life

Caulking pistols are good, versatile tools to deal with leaks and make a home waterproof. But after use, they leak or air can enter the nozzle and start drying the caulking, creating a hardened cap that needs to be removed.

You can avoid this by placing a wine cork on top of the nozzle. You had to throw it away anyway after you finished that bottle of wine, so why not give it another use?

28-New Saddles for Old Horses

Using a sawhorse is great once you’re on the lookout for huge projects that you just need to handle easily. Happening on a table can make things annoying and you can’t access each of its parts.

But saw horses are often raw and tend to scratch the finish of your projects. That’s why you should add a padded surface to your sawhorse. A simple strip of carpet stapled to your sawhorse will allow you to do the job.

29-Bobby Pins Aren’t only for Hair

Every time you pound a fingernail, you put your fingers in danger. No one wants a broken purple finger at the top of the day.

So take out that box of hairpins and focus them. By sliding one of them around the stem of a nail, you will get a great result by keeping them in place while you hammer, and your fingers will be safe. Once the nail has been pressed firmly enough, you remove the handle.

30-Plastic Plant Dishes Keep Your House Warm

If you have an air conditioning system, you can have these records on the ceiling throughout the house. They help eliminate the warm air that floats at the highest level of space. However, in winter, they are also open to allow cold air to come back and cool your home.

You can smother this in the egg by buying some clear plastic saucers that you will simply use under the flower pots to collect excess water. Add a small removable cold cutter to temporarily stick them to the ceiling above the registers, and your home will be well heated this winter.

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