9 Things Done by a Man When He no Longer Loves You


5Your man is constantly looking to find flaws in you

ou might be now feeling as if something is changing in the way your man treats you. Get real and admit it – he is no longer into you if you can notice any of the nine signs listed below.

No more lies or illusions. It’s time to start a new life.

Criticism is not a good thing when it comes from a person who does not like you. When you know the man still loves you, he will never try to look for flaws in you. You need a different person in your life – someone who’ll accept your true identity.


When you flirt with other guys he does not react

It is unnatural for a man to feel indifferent when his woman flirts with other men. Most males are very territorial. They do not like sharing what belongs to them. Jealousy is not a good emotion, but it is hard to avoid jealousy when you truly love someone and do not want to lose your partner.

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