A Cop Pulled Over This Three Year Old Joy Rider, And His Ticket Has Caused A Storm Online


71 . A cop pulled over these three

A cop pulled over this three-year-old joyrider and his ticket has caused a storm online a police officer’s job is to protect the community and perhaps nowhere is their work more important than on the streets furthermore when a police car’s red and blue lights start flashing every motorist knows that there’s someone about to feel the long arm of the law and they hope that it’s not them but it’s not every day that you see a three-year-old child being pulled over by the cops and that happened on one Sunday in March 2017 when Nathan snow a toddler from fort McMurray Canada was out and about enjoying some fresh air with his parents …

The family had spent the afternoon at the local playground bringing with them their pomeranian dog lacy they were on their way back home however when the unexpected happened a police car appeared with its flashing lights showering the scene in red and blue the family realized that the officer was trying to pull them over for something they had done but they couldn’t work out what it was…

The policeman then rolled down his window and spoke to the parents and what he said to them was totally baffling also if you have not done so already please subscribe to our channel and be inspired by these real-life stories every day now back to the story specifically the officer commented hey would you guys mind if I pulled him over the cop was referring to their three-year-old son who was riding a battery-powered toy truck along the street his parents …

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