After This Mom Died In A Horrific Car Crash, A Bystander Heard Desperate Cries From The Backseat



After this mom died in a horrific car crash a bystander heard desperate cries from the back seat when one man arrived at the scene of a horrific car accident he knew he had to help however he feared he was too late when he discovered the driver was already dead but then he heard cries coming from the back seat autumn sharp resided in Jacksonville North Carolina she lived there with her partner josh Carnahan and their children and since 2013 she had dedicated her life to her family working as a stay-at-home mom to be close to them…

Also if you have not done so already please subscribe to our channel and be inspired by these real-life stories every day now back to the story according to sharp’s Facebook page the couple was parents to three children their eldest Camden j was born in 2013…

And since then they’ve also added Brooklyn Renee and Cambria Marie to their brood life was on the up for sharp and her family and in 2016 she finally tied the knot with Carnahan later she shared images of this special occasion on Facebook simply writing happiest day of our life although she was just 20 years old sharp had a wisdom beyond her years when it came to her kids her neighbors noted that she was an excellent mom I remember how sweet and wonderful she was and how much she loved her kids Teresa Borrego told went in May 2017.

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