At 22 Weeks Pregnant, She Was Told Her ‘Babies Will be Born Today and They Will Die’


At 22 weeks pregnant she was told her babies will be born today and they will die like most expecting moms Canadian mom Kayla Ibarra was not expecting to be told she was having twins she was also not expecting to go into labor at just 21 weeks or to be told by her doctor that her twin daughters would die Kayla wasn’t expecting to be denied pain medication to be told she would leave the hospital without them or be transferred to the last minute to a different hospital that would change everything but all of these things happened this is her amazing story also if you have not…


these real-life stories every day now back to the story it’s important to me to start my story off when everything was normal or our normal anyway I had been married to my husband for three years had a son named Noah and just discovered I was pregnant again with twins the first 21 weeks of her twin pregnancy progressed without a hitch however on September 23, 2018, everything changed…Open next page to continue reading:



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