Clever bedroom decorating ideas for all sizes


Small changes can have a big impact: From the nursery to the master bedroom – so don’t make the mistake of neglecting the many ways in which decorating a bedroom can improve your space.

How to use bedroom decoration to decorate a small room

Whether your style is DIY or in-store shopping: These ten projects will certainly inspire your creative side to plan changes for every room in your home. Learn how the following projects use DIY bedroom decoration to save money and bring functionality and style, personality and personal touches to bedrooms!

1. How to make a built-in bed using kitchen cabinets

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The first project is not just an incredible use of space and a creative way to decorate a small bedroom; This is an amazing example of DIY bedroom decoration! In what could have been a waste of space – that annoying skylight that no one knows how to use – Simplicity in the South’s Tricia designed and built a platform bed with plenty of storage, a plank accent wall, and lighting.

Adding a twin bed and storage space in such a difficult-to-use space is an inspiration for homeowners who are trying to use every square meter they have and creates the illusion of a much larger room. Before Tricia’s project, it would not have been possible to hold a bed and dresser in such a small corner of the room.

By building a platform for a twin bed, space was created for wheeled storage drawers underneath. Combined with the two kitchen cabinets on either side of the bed, what was essentially a dead-end in the room instantly became incredibly useful. The soft white paint and the design of the plank walls make this corner a beautiful focal point where the room once had only a window. Tricia’s use of kitchen cabinets and the resulting recessed bed with storage take the decorating of the handyman bedrooms to the next level!

2. Transformation of a small master bedroom

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

This makeover of the tee at Beauteefulliving’s master bedroom shows how to use a combination of DIY style accessories and bedroom decoration to transform a space that, due to its size, would be a challenge for decorating differently. From a closet with curtains covering the opening to a beautiful built-in storage closet that just needs to be seen, the most spectacular element of this bedroom redesign has made it possible to customize the storage and optimize the space. Tee moved the folded clothes from a dresser into the closet, freeing up space for a small bench and leaving the star to his white-painted dresser.

The dark and bulky headboard was hard in the small room and the new DIY padded headboard softens the space behind the bed and completes the bright floral art. Another charming element of this transformation of the master bedroom is the gold jewelry hangers that illuminate a small corner of the room, difficult to fill while storing and exposing the necklaces as colorful works of art. Combining good storage with stylish accessories and handyman bedroom décor, it’s not always difficult to decide how to decorate a small bedroom!

3. Door organizer turns into bedside storage for DIY

how to Decorate a Small Bedroom

The smaller rooms still need adequate storage and the decorating of the bedroom by the handyman is often the only way to ensure that the room has space for all needs. Storage ideas sometimes need to focus more on utility than style in a very small space. Amanda’s use of a door organizer to create bedside storage is a great example of how small room storage can be more functional than just decorating the room. In a room too small for a nightstand or bedside table, owners look for a place to place a book, glass or remote control. Amanda cut in half a store-bought over the door organizer and used it to make an organizer with pockets that fit on the side of the bed itself.

4. Farmer-style barn door head-head

Farmhouse Bedroom Decor 

Another project that uses a DIY headboard to show how to decorate a small room is this firm style headboard from Laura to the Little Yellow Wheelbarrow. After realizing that the barn door headboard she wanted would cost thousands of dollars, Laura decided to tackle the decoration of this handyman bedroom herself! With pine planks, dyeing and painting, Laura was able to recreate the look of the barn doors. Using it as a head-head for a queen bed makes a spectacular effect and a great impact in a room where there may not be enough room to have a lot of big furniture.

5. Painted and cut-out night table

DIY Bedroom Decor (Art is Beauty)

While storage is a top priority in planning the decoration of a small room in your home, there are many ways to ensure that every piece of furniture in the room makes a statement! Karin de Art is Beauty used spray paint and colored patterned paper on a wooden nightstand to show how simple a small DIY bedroom decorating project can be. After removing the back of the nightstand and using aerosol glue to attach the paper to it, Karin painted the aged wood with vibrant coral paint.

The drawer zipper also painted black, contrasts better with coral than with its original brass look. In a room that may not have enough room on both sides of the bed for two assorted night tables – or if nothing in the shops seems to suit your space – it’s such a fun alternative and a great way to let the color and the color shine through Personality.

6. Easy-to-do painted pillows

DIY Decor Ideas for Bedroom

Small budgets don’t always allow for big changes, but in a small room, even small details can make a big difference! If you don’t have the opportunity to buy a new decoration or bedding, think about how small pillows can breathe new life into a room. Using a stencil and bright and cheerful colors, Cutting Edge Stencils has transformed an ordinary bed for a fraction of the cost of all the new bedding and cushions. This easy-to-achieve bedroom decorating project has a big impact without requiring a big budget.

7. Farmer-style clamshell wall for DIY

Bedroom Wall Decor

Hoosier Homemade shows how to decorate a bedroom in a farm-style and has created the very popular shiplap look at a fraction of the cost as the center point of the project. The DIY shiplap wall cost less than $40 and brings brightness and a whole new look to the room.

With off-white paint and firm style accessories to decorate the rest of the room, the DIY bedroom décor fits perfectly and makes a huge difference in a room that once had bright blue walls with trim beige. The $10 antique dealer’s brass headboard has been spray-painted with a dark metallic hue to better fit into the farm style of the rest of the room and is an excellent complement to the lapping wall behind it.

8. Bedroom decoration for children

Kids Bedroom Decor 

The children’s room can be one of the most fun projects to do at home. Each little touch to adapt to a child’s room to their personality helps create a space where children feel comfortable and truly at home. It’s very easy to find colorful items to decorate children’s rooms in stores and online, but a unique DIY project like the one created by these bloggers is a great way to really customize the room and integrate it exactly what your child likes.

Toy Animal Clothing Hooks
These adorable hooks are so easy to make and customize for a nursery, it makes sense that after making one, Shawna wanted to make several! After taking a hacksaw to make cheap toys, she used handmade glue to stick the bodies on a wooden board. The result is a custom, playful and inexpensive hanger that any child would like to use. This project uses dinosaurs, but any toy might as well suit anyone looking for creative ideas for decorating their child’s room.

9. Painted hexagonal accent wall for a preteen bedroom

The dramatic impact that painting can have is undeniable when looking at projects such as the hexagonal accent wall of Carolyn’s nursery. What was once a simple white wall is now full of style. The colors, patterns, and style of the project show how to decorate a room for difficult teenagers, where the typical decoration of store-bought rooms does not always work. The choice of bright orange and contrasting blues to create the hexagonal pattern is perfect for a teenage bedroom that begs to have character without using childish characters to decorate it!

10. DIY Wild Bedroom Decoration – Free West Elm Knock Off

Thinking of a boy’s room on the theme “Wild and Free”, Micah of HomeFaithFamily created 3D animal heads inspired by the Western Elm. This clever decoration of the room was created by making a shade box-style frame to tinker with and by cutting the shapes of animals into planks of mats covered with a shiny gold leaf with a Cricut. The cardboard has also been used as a support for animal shapes to help them detach themselves from the bottom of the frame. The result is an adorable custom item in the room and a great example of how decorating a bedroom doesn’t always involve using store-bought items!

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