Eight things the love of your life would like you to know


81. You are always in their heart

We here at life Side would like to share eight of these wonderful things, the love of your life, would like you to know.

The words “I love you” cannot express their deep meaning. Although the message they send can be reassuring, the feeling, longing, excitement and passion that comes with it goes far beyond words.

Expressing one’s own feelings is in most cases neither simple nor precise. Feelings can be overwhelming, indcipherable, changeable and confusing.

They can be of many kinds – both positive and negative – but one thing always remains in the heart of your partner… yes, it’s the overwhelming love for you – the driving force that keeps him close to you when you’re happy or sad, when you’re healthy or sick, when you’re doing well or badly…

And when the roles reverse and your partner is the one who is sad or sick or depressed, you are still there in his heart, the best place you could ever be.

And yes, your partner wants you to know that, even if you’re arguing and angry with each other. Quarrels and fights only happen because you both worry. If no one cared, no one would ever argue.

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