Home Exercise Program: 20 Exercises You Can Do At Home (No Equipment)


Training doesn’t take much time. You can achieve excellent results by exercising for 30 minutes a day without the need for equipment.

Using the exercises during this position, you will create your home exercise program. and so the greate are often “” – it is often these 20 exercises that you will receive can be completed without any necessary equipment.

I will also include some workout programs that contain each of the exercises on the list.

Warming up

It is extremely important to warm up before exercising. Proper heating increases blood flow to the muscles, resulting in reduced muscle stiffness, reduced risk of injury and improved performance.

An example of a warm-up to understand the reception might be to walk up and down the steps of your house for about three minutes. This can increase your pulse and warm up your muscles.

Rope jumping, one of the exercises listed below, is also an excellent warm-up exercise as it strains the whole body.

Home exercise program

Training at home is often confusing because it’s hard to know if you’re doing the exercises right. This post will help you put an end to this confusion.

The list below contains 20 exercises you can do at home. Add this message to your favorites or save it so you can refer to it at any time and make sure you do each exercise correctly.

Basic exercises you can do at home

(1) Croque

Targeted muscles: right of the abdomen and oblique

(2) Boards

Targeted muscles: all major core muscle groups, including the abdomen transverse, abdominal rectus, external oblique muscle and glutes

(3) Bicycle undertakers

Target muscles: right of the abdomen, external obliques

(4) Lift your legs

Targeted muscles: right abdominal muscle, internal and external obliques, iliopsoas and pectinus hip muscles and right leg muscle

(5) Retroactive extensions

Targeted muscles: Erector Spinae – longissimus, iliocostalis and spinalis,multifidus semispinalis

(6) V-Ups

Targeted muscles: abdominals, obliques, backs, whole trunk, quadriceps and hamstrings

(7) Russian Twists

Targeted muscles: obliques

(8) Sit Ups

Target muscles: right of the abdomen

Exercises for buttocks, legs and thighs that you can do at home

(9) Squats

Target muscles: thighs, hips and buttocks, quadriceps and, hamstrings

(10) Slot Bridges

Target muscles: glutes, right abdomen, spine erection, hamstrings and adductors

(11) Clams

Target muscles: medium buttocks

(12) Slots

Target muscles: glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, calf muscles, abdominals and back muscles

(13) Donkey kicks

Targeted muscles: glutes and hamstrings

(14) Walls

Target muscles: glutes, calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and adductors

Physical and cardio exercises you can do at home

(15) Jumping the valets

Targeted Muscles: Cardio Exercise That Engages All Muscle Groups at Once

(16) Burpees

Muscles targeted: arms, chest, quadriceps, buttocks, hamstrings and abdominals

(17) Mountaineers

Targeted muscles: cardio exercises that also work deltoids, biceps, triceps, chest, obliques, abdominals, quadriceps, hamstrings and hip captors

(18) Pushes

Targeted muscles: chest, shoulder, back and abdominal muscles

(19) Kicks to the ass

Targeted muscles: hamstrings and glutes

(20) High knees

Targeted muscles: cardio, tones the lower body and strengthens the heart and lungs

Home Exercise Program: Home Exercises of 30 Minutes or Less

Now that you simply have the skills to try each exercise, here are a few exercises of 30 minutes or less that will allow you to increase your home exercise program. Each of these workouts includes the exercises described above. Choose the workout that helps you target the specific results you want to get. I like to recommend mixing them to perform a complete body calculation during each week.

Morning quick workout

-50 Jumping Jacks

-10 push-ups

-40 Crunches

-50 squats

-25 slits (per leg)

-60 seconds for the wall

Belly dynamite training

-30 Jumping Jacks

-20 Knees in height

-20 Leg lifts

-30 Jumping Jacks

-30 Russian twists

•20 Crunches

•30 Jumping Jacks

•20 Back Extensions

•30 Second Plank


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