Husband Filed For Divorce Right After Seeing This Family Photo


14When Ben and Ashley, from England, first met in high school, the two fell in love almost immediately.

They were inseperable and the whole school knew the couple, sometimes jokingly calling them “Bashley”.

So nobody expected what would happen years later, not even Ben and Ashley.

It all had to do with this family photo below.


Ben and Ashley were eachother’s first and only. That’s why they were so close. In her final year of high school, Ashley also got pregnant. 

As soon as they both graduated, they had their first child together. It was August when their daughter, Jill, was born.

Although they were both happy with the birth of their child, it happened rather unexpectedly. They weren’t married and didn’t have a home of their own. They also didn’t have enough money to move out of their family homes.

This is where the problems started. What were they going to do now?

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