If You See This In A Public Bathroom Or Hotel Run Immediately.


It’s true that we all use public restrooms or stay in hotel rooms, not to scare you, but do you really know who’s watching you while you go about your business?

Technology is evolving at the speed of light with new products and gadgets designed to make our lives easier, but there’s also a dark side, which you may not even realize until it’s too late. There are people who are trying to attack others through criminal activity, and it can be as easy as installing a hook.

Although these hooks may look like ordinary hooks, they are actually intended for a much darker lens.

Notice the double hooks, which are generally not the norm when it comes to pads.

Does something seem a little weird to you?

They can easily be attached to any wall in the house or to places like public toilets, and you probably wouldn’t even think about it for a second.

So what’s wrong with an innocent-looking hook?

Because inside this wall hook is a tiny camera that records people in the bathroom, hotel rooms and changing rooms.

Women, in particular, were recorded while showering or changing without their knowledge.

Their privacy is completely violated, and they are not even aware of it.

Doesn’t that make you think back to all the hotel rooms you’ve stayed in and ask yourself if you were secretly under surveillance?

Shockingly, these little sneaky cameras are easy to find and even easier to install.

The camera comes with a charger and a transfer cable, and the hook is like anyone found in a hardware store.

The camera records video and audio through the small hole at the top.
Often, the images of the camera end up on the Internet so that the whole world can see them without the knowledge of the person in it.

This hole indicates that something is wrong with the hook and that criminal activity may be taking place.

But there are worse things.

Want to know what makes the situation even scarier?

These wireless cameras can be stored remotely, and the wireless remote works through the walls.

So someone could look at the images as close as the next room.

That’s enough so you never want to check in at a hotel again.

One thing you may notice is that it is placed somewhere in a room that is not in its place.

For example, if you see a hook in a place that doesn’t make sense for a hook, trust your instincts.

Sometimes you can see the light when the camera is recording.

This is the sign that you need to get out of your hiding place and call the police immediately.
What makes this situation so scary is that these spy camera hooks are accessible, inexpensive and easy to buy by criminals.

Although they were originally created to enhance security around your home, in the hands of the wrong people, they can facilitate the hunt for unsuspecting victims.

Fortunately, knowledge is power.

If you know that hangers may contain cameras and you are particularly vigilant when travelling or using a public facility to undress, you can protect yourself from unwanted snoops.

Watch the video below for more information on this disturbing trend.

Unfortunately, it seems to be becoming more and more common by the day, but if we make people aware that this is happening, we can help stop it.

Because no one should be able to deprive you of your privacy.

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