Man Walks 20 Miles To Work Until One Day Cop Follows Him And Sees Why


The cop car pulled up alongside him but he continued to plod forward but the car continued to follow he had to make it ten miles to go and he’d be safe he looked at his watch and walked faster his legs burning as he powered on but there was no deterring this policeman.

Hello, wonderful people, I’m Scott Leffler for a waterbody, and here is man walks 20 miles to work until one day cop follows him and sees why before we begin to make sure to smash that as button subscribe to our Channel and Walter Carr had moved to Homewood Alabama with his mother after tragedy

Struck they’d hoped to rebuild their lives after their home was destroyed by the monster Hurricane Katrina and wanted to start fresh Walter was a 20-year-old student but he was determined to work to support his mother little did he know just how hard that would prove to be Walter had heard that there was a position available at bellhops a moving company about 20 miles away from where

He lived it was far to travel but he had his trusty old car so he drove over and filled in the application and was lucky to get an interview right then and there he shook the hiring managers hand and agreed to start the very next day if only it was so easy just a few feet away from his driveway his old car spluttered to a halt Walters heart

Started to race as he opened the hood and peered inside of all days his car chose this one to finally give in and died to his dismay smoke poured from the engine and he knew there would be no starting it again Walter pulled out his phone to tell the manager of bellhops that he wouldn’t be starting after all then he changed his

Mind Walter was young and fit but still, 20 miles is an impossible distance but Walter was determined maybe he could do It he keyed the address into Google Maps and then he started to cry in defeat it would take him seven hours to get there on foot and he had no money to get his

Car repaired what could Walter do he needed this job his mother was unable to make the house payments and they could find themselves homeless again within a month Walter simply couldn’t let that happen he had to try so he set his alarm for 12:00 a.m. and tried to get a good night’s sleep when 12 a.m. rolled around Walter awoke he pulled on his most comfortable

Sneakers threw on his jacket and set off into the night it would take seven hours to get there but he was determined to reach the bellhop’s client on time as if walking the backbreaking 20 miles wasn’t enough life decided to throw Walter another curveball Walter had started his walk at a brisk pace but by the time he reached the halfway mark his legs were shaking sweat poured from his face and his feet burned he’d walked over ten miles and the exertion was taking its toll the thought of losing his job and the first day kept him going as he focused on moving one foot after the other

Again and again, then he saw a flash of the blue he’d been too focused on keeping his legs moving to notice but a car had been following for the last ten minutes it was 4:20 a.m. and he still had miles and miles to go then the car flashed his lights and blared its short warning siren and he knew they were there for him Walter turned his head to see the cop roll up beside him where are you

Rushing off to buddy the cop asked pointedly he had a rough and late night on patrol duty and the last thing he wanted was more trouble Walter gasping for breath tried to answer him without breaking his stride he was all too aware that the clock was ticking the Kampf was insane enough and ordered Walter into the car he didn’t care to find out what this young man was doing in the street at that late hour as far

As he was concerned he was up to no good but when Walter mustered enough breath to tell him the reason for his late-night walkabout his eyes widened in disbelief officer Shawn gray had seen many things in his life but this boy’s determination astounded him beyond relief they drove the next 6 miles in silence until Walter saw the house appear in the distance relief crashed over him, like a wave, he’d made it before

Time had run out he thanked officer gray and shakily got out of the car but there was still more surprises for Walter on that fateful day the policeman escorted

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