Revenge On Ex’s Wedding Day, He Waited Two Years For Good Reasons


A long-distance relationship can be difficult, but it’s never an excuse for cheating. Sadly, it was exactly what happened to poor oil rig worker Dino. However, he didn’t want to remain a victim in the hurtful experience, so he planned something big for his ex’s wedding day after waiting patiently for two years…

1. A Successful Oil Rig Worker 

You may not know that oil rig workers can make a ton of money, most of their expenses are covered by the job, which allows them to bring even more salary home. Dino is one of the fortunate lot, which suggested that he should have lived a happy life too, but it was not the case.

2. Nice And Responsible

According to Dino’s colleagues and friends, he was “a really nice, quiet guy,” who didn’t like partying around or blowing his money on random stuff. He was a smart, responsible guy who knew how to save money for meaningful things. It would be perfect they said, if everything went his way. 

3. Good Investment Is Not Enough

With quite some money in his bank account, Dino stayed humble and only chose to invest in a condominium. It seemed like Dino had everything but someone whom he could spend time with. He was waiting for the right person, but sometimes you just don’t get everything you wish for. 

4. Out Of His League

Finally, Dino’s patience paid off, and he managed to get things going with a gorgeous woman. His friends and colleagues were surprised because she looked like a girl out of Dino’s league. She was such a beautiful woman, and Dino seemed a bit ordinary when the two were standing together. Yet, they made the conclusion about her way too soon…

5. Unmatched Manners

Among many different names the woman was called by Dino’s friends; let’s stick to Andrea for the story. She looked very charming, but Dino’s friends found that she behaved awfully. One of them claimed Andrea was “one of the most self-centered, attention gathering people.” How is that possible? What did she do to them?

6. Red Flags

The friend agreed that Andrea was a smart woman, but “was very skilled at manipulating the people around her.” He even used the word “predator” to describe her. Without solid proof, it was hard to convince Dino, especially when he was madly in love with her at that point. So the friend waited for better timing to tell Dino, but the things moved fast for the couple. 

7. Moving In

Shortly thereafter, Andrea moved in with Dino. Dino not only shared his private space with her, but also gave her a bank card so she could take care of herself whilst he was away for work. Just like any other relationship, moving in can make or break a couple, and this time, it seems like a test for the two. 

8. Time Tells Everything

After some time living together, couples can fight over the tiniest of things or other habits, but it was a lot worse for these two. Suspiciously, Dino found something odd on his bank statements that didn’t seem to add up. At that point, he didn’t realize there were even bigger problems behind those numbers. 

9. Things To Worry About

Dino’s friend recalled, “Things were showing up inconsistently, like a $300 grocery purchase, and then another $200 grocery purchase a couple of days later. ” There was no way Andrea could eat $500 worth of groceries every week, but what could it be?

10. A Gold Digger

The only reasonable explanation for this would be Andrea was pumping cash-backs from the grocery store into her purse. It finally got Dino’s attention and Dino started to realize his girlfriend was a gold digger. But was that everything that he didn’t know about her?

11. More Suspicious Behavior

What was she doing with all Dino’s hard-earned money? Dino really wanted to be wrong this time, but the whole situation was suggesting that Andrea could possibly betray him whilst he was away for work. He was humble and shy but stupid, so he decided to verify his assumption.

12. Caught In The Act

Without letting Andrea know, Dino flew back home a few days early. He asked the security guard at the condo to come with him as a witness, and what they’ve found inside the house proved Dino was right. He was very disappointed with his significant other, but not very surprised about the affair. What would such a nice guy like Dino do about it?

13. Out

He didn’t go off or lose his temper, but simply told them to get out of his house. He handed Andrea “the key to a hotel room, 50 bucks for cab fare, and told her to leave,” said his buddy. On the other hand, Andrea didn’t stay cool like Dino, and you may have already guessed why.

14. Intense Reaction

Andrea lost control. She was screaming, crying, apologizing, and proclaiming her love for Dino, but then cursing him in another breath. After seeing her reaction, Dino simply called the police and a locksmith, showing that he was not joking around. 

15. From Everything To Nothing

Their sudden breakup took away the luxurious life and left Andrea nothing. Dino kicked her out of his condo, canceled the card he gave her, and even put all her stuff in a storage unit. Andrea couldn’t get him on the phone, so she decided to show up to the building, but only found this…

16. Not Welcome Anymore

She didn’t even get inside the condo, because the doorman simply handed her the key to the storage unit and directions on how to get there. Dino made sure she got the message that she was no longer welcome on the property. 

17. Almost Intact

In case she got back on him, Dino put all his belongings into protection where she couldn’t get them. However, he missed one thing, his beloved white Chevy Monte Carlo. Weeks later, he came home after work only to find red paint all over his vehicle as well as flat tires and a smashed windshield. At that moment, Dino made up his mind to do something.

18. An Opportunity For Revenge 

Andrea crossed a line during their breakup by ruining Dino’s precious car, and there was no way he could forgive her for it, not after discovering her betrayal. Two years later, he got information from Nancy, a friend of their mutual friend, that Andrea was getting married. Dino knew what he should do about it. 

19. The First Step

With the help of friends who knew what kind of person Andrea was and what she did to Dino, a “revenge” plan came into being to make sure the best day in Andrea’s life would never be forgotten. Dino started his plan with an anonymous letter to her a month before the wedding. A picture of a Monte Carlo, a wedding dress, and a ketchup packet freaked her out. 

20. Next Step

The letter made her think that Dino was going to do something to her wedding dress, so she was worried. Then, she got a phone call from the dress shop informing her to choose red lace trim for the gown. She was freaking out and knew it was Dino behind this. But that’s not everything he wanted to do. 

21. More Warnings

As Andrea was gradually losing it before the wedding, Dino sent her 30 different red lipsticks bought with prepaid credit cards. And it was not enough. He then left a red sharpie under her windshield. After seeing all the red stuff Dino sent, she was freaking out about anything in red. The situation continued until the big day. 

22. Bridezilla

On her best day, she was in an extremely paranoid condition. She demanded everyone who held a red drink to stay 10 feet away from her, removed all red flowers and decorations, and even made the menu free of red ingredients. She was on edge. 

23. Lesson Learned

Dino didn’t actually do real damage to Andrea for revenge, he just set things in motion, and everything that went down was instead due to her own selfish personality. Guests who attended the wedding thought she was a monster bride who was mean and picky to everyone on such a cheerful occasion. Well, things wouldn’t have been like this if she hadn’t cheated or touched Dino’s car in the first place. 

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  1. I think Dino should have just reported the vandalism to the police and move on. Why put all that effort into someone who isn’t worthy of his time. I appreciate the article but I think he was given the wrong support from his friends. They should have helped him find a worthy partner by introducing him to the right girl. Good friends are always on the look out for good partners for their friends, that is where the energy should have gone. dumb.

  2. Your style is very unique compared to other people I have read stuff from.
    Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity,
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