This Is The Real Story Behind Singer Seal’s Facial Scars


Multi-award-winning singer Seal has impressed the world with hits like Killer, Crazy, and Kiss From A Rose and has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. However, folks tend to be more curious about the star’s intriguing facial scars, and various rumors have circulated. But what’s the truth? How on earth did Seal get the scars? The real story is probably not what you’d expected.


Seal has lived with his distinctive facial scars for a long time, ever since the 80s when he was an aspiring young man. The future chart-topper sang at London bars to pay his dues and then performed for spells in British funk band Push and a Thailand blues band. Then the musician met producer Adamski, who changed his life forever.


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Seal didn’t let those noticeable ugly scars hold him back. With Adamski’s help, the singer’s 1990 track, Killer, topped the UK chart, and the following year, his single, Crazy, became a hit in both the UK and the US. In 1992, Seal made history, becoming the first artist to win 3 BRIT Awards in the same year. Clearly, his imperfect appearance was overshadowed by his talent.

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