This Mom Gave Birth To A Healthy Baby But When Doctors Saw Her Placenta, They Left It Inside Her


61. The suffering of the mother with the fetus

This mom gave birth to a healthy baby but when doctors saw her placenta they left it inside her when one mom gave birth to a healthy baby boy she couldn’t have been happier however her joy soon turned to despair when doctors saw her placenta it was in such a state in fact that the medical team made the bold move to leave it inside her …

That mom was Kirsten terlitzy who lives in Los Gatos in California she resides there with her husband jeff whom she married in October 2010 and four years after their wedding the couple received some good news namely that they were expecting their second baby together also if you have not done so already …

2. Realistic and painful story

Inspired by these real-life stories every day now back to the story at first Berlitz’s pregnancy went smoothly at the beginning of her third trimester however the situation became substantially more perilous around 28 weeks in pregnancy my ultrasound images …

Started looking suspicious Terlizzi revealed in an interview with Stanford healthcare around 28 weeks in pregnancy my ultrasound images started looking suspicious they could not see a separation between my placenta my uterus and my bladder at that time when they examined the expectant mom doctors couldn’t find any separation between her placenta her uterus and her bladder turlitzi was subsequently diagnosed with placenta per creta a more severe form of placenta accreta and the condition could have devastating consequences for her…

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