Top 10 Puzzling Island Mysteries


Overall, islands are breathtakingly beautiful places in the global ocean. They are the material of exotic vacation dreams. However, this does not mean that they are not affected by strange events or unsolved mysteries. On this list, there are 10 mysteries that are still puzzling.

10 Metal objects in potatoes—Prince Edward Island

In 2016, after a family found a sewing needle in their peeled and cooked potatoes, the police called the police to investigate the potato tampering case in Prince Edward Island.

Prior to this, a series of potato tampering incidents occurred in 2014, during which metal objects, including needles, were found in the potatoes produced on the island. At that time, the federal government committed $ 1.5 million to invest in metal detection equipment, while the provincial government added an additional $ 500,000 to train additional personnel to assess and inspect potatoes for foreign objects.

Farms affected by these strange incidents reported losses of more than $ 1 million. To date, no one has been suspected of guilty of potato, and the mystery of who stuck the metal object to the potato continues.[1]

9 Robbery in former leper colony – Spinalonga

Spinalonga is an uninhabited island in the Gulf of Elounda. Since the last resident left in 1962, it has become one of the last active leprosy colonies in Europe. Today, due to its ancient fortress and shallow water beach, it has become a popular tourist destination.

The only way to get to the island is by boat, which is what unidentified robbers did in 2018. According to reports, they arrived on the island at night and stole about 50,000 euros from the safe in the guard room. Investigations revealed that power tools were used to break into the safe. There is no electricity on the island, so there is no alarm system, and because there is no accommodation option, the security guard leaves at 6:30 every morning.

So far, no thieves have been found.[2]

8 The abandoned Ghost Palace Hotel – Bali

Photo credit: The Travel Tramp

PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel and Resort (now called “Ghost Palace Hotel”) was built in the 1990s and was abandoned. Obviously this is before opening. Now, it sits beside a dark and lonely ridge, and there are theories about what happened.

Some residents told the story of a real estate developer so much that they greedily overcome greed so much that he was involved in corrupt business practices and eventually ran out of money. After the hotel was cursed for his evil deeds, he declared bankruptcy. Another more creepy theory is that the hotel is functioning normally and paid workers and guests, but each of them disappeared without a trace on the last day, leaving only their restless ghosts Wandering in eternal places. It is believed that ghostly tourists can also be attributed to workers who were forced to build hotels until they died.

It remains to be revealed what caused the resort to be abandoned. [3]

7 Time travel or just a creepy story? Tenerife

There is Barranco de Badajoz on Tenerife. A canyon where several official car mummies were discovered has made it an important place for archaeological research. However, countless reports of strange and supernatural activities obscure its historical significance. Some visitors to the ravine claimed that at some point when the night fell, the watch stopped working and the time seemed to be stagnant. Others reported seeing unexplained light passing over the canyon, while others claimed to see tall angelic creatures wearing white clothes.

One of the most repeated stories is about the girl who went to the ravine to find fruit and then disappeared. It seemed to disappear in the thin air. The search staff found no information that revealed her fate, and the search was eventually canceled. Twenty years later, the girl just reappeared, and it looks as if she has not been one-day-old since the mysterious disappearance two decades ago. She told the locals that she only walked for a few hours and was shocked to learn that two decades had passed.

These stories are so popular around the world that in terms of creep factor, Barranco de Badajoz is now considered to be comparable to the Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts.

Can people really see other areas when they visit the canyon? Or are these all horror stories designed for entertainment purposes?[4]

6 Lost Nessie – Magnetic Island

In 2013, swimmers on Magnetic Island were surprised to find that a monster-like object appeared in the ocean near Picnic Bay. Local resident David Herron took a picture of the object and determined that the object looks like the famous Loch Ness monster. He also decided to call it “The Lost Nesi”.

Witnesses are still unable to find the cause in 2020, but most people believe that the most reasonable explanation for the monster-like object may be the remains of a dragon boat that sank a week before the game. Despite this, people who had any explanation for the sightings were urged to come forward. In addition to the sunken dragon boat mentioned above, in the absence of any other explanation, some people insisted that Nessie came to the warm waters after finding something too cold in Scotland.[5]

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5 Death of a recluse – Great Barrier Island

On June 30, 1999, the body of a 51-year-old Colin Michael Good was found at his home near Clarice on the Great Barrier Reef. Goode’s right hand was missing, and the remains of his dog were found next to him. Prior to the discovery, Goode last appeared in April 1999.

Two rifles were found in the bedroom, which was disgusting, but it was soon determined that Goode did not die from gunshot wounds. In fact, even after extensive and comprehensive autopsy, the cause of death cannot be determined. With the passage of time, the case became indifferent and has remained in this state so far, and no suspects have ever been found or arrested.[6]

4 Disappearance from paradise – Hawaii

There are many creepy stories around Hawaii ’s idyllic paradise, including creepy night walkers, ghosts of women in red clothes, and suffocating ghosts in Waikiki. However, the unsolved mysteries in real life are indeed chilling. In this case, this is Diane Suzuki’s tragic story.

Diane Suzuki, 19, is a dance instructor who lives in Halawa, worked at Rosalie Woodson Dance Academy, and worked with Leicester Gantan ( Lester Gantan) dating. Diane plans to go to the north shore of Oahu after work on Saturday, July 6, 1985. Her last class ended at 15:00, and at 15:15, a friend came to the college to meet her. Diana was nowhere to be found. Her car was still parked there that morning, with the keys and wallet inside.

After her parents learned of the disappearance of their daughter, they rode a car to camp outside the college, hoping she would show up. During that time, they witnessed a man named Dewey Hamasaki, as well as his father and sister carrying a suitcase and storing it in the vehicle. Dewey is known for his fascination with Diane and worked as a photographer at the college. He was present during class. Dewey was questioned and the swamp around his house was searched. The lack of evidence led to him never being arrested or prosecuted.

Five and a half years later, clothes similar to those worn by Diane were found at the pig farm owned by Dewey’s father. It is disheartening that after the discovery, the suspect (Dewey, his father and sister) and about 100 witnesses were taken to the grand jury, but the court still refused to file a lawsuit. Diane Suzuki’s body has never been found. Her mother died in 1997, but she did not find the truth about her missing daughter.[7]

3 Sea pants – Baffin Island

In 2017, a photo of the formation of huge rocks in the Canadian Arctic caught everyone’s attention because it resembled a huge pair of pants. The rock was shot by hunter Max Kalluk, about 90 kilometers south of the Arctic Bay community. It can only be reached by boat in summer, with an estimated height of more than 50 meters.

The stratum or sea arch overlooks the water of the Arctic Bay, and the local Nunavut community named it Qarlinngua, which means “elephant pants” in Inuktitut. The arch looks so unreal that most people who see its photos think it is processed in Photoshop. Four Canadian geologists examined the photos of the sea arch and agreed that they had never seen such formations in the Arctic before.

However, after contacting her source with the information consultant at the Unikkaarvik Visitor Center, she was able to verify that the arch did exist. Some people consider it a sacred monument, and some travel companies are happy to promote it to their customers.

However, considering how a later travel company said that they had brought a group of tourists to the arch in the past three years, how this structure has been hidden for so long in the world is still confusing.[8]

2 The Hobbits—Flores Island

In 2003, Flores fossils were found on Flores Island. These fossils are so small that they are dubbed the “Hobbits” of Flores. This discovery immediately sparked controversy and debated whether the fossil was an unknown branch of early humans or remains of modern human diseases.

In life, these creatures are less than 4 feet tall, and their brains are one-third the size of modern humans. Despite this, they ate meat and traveled thousands of miles across the ocean to make the island their home and work with homemade stone tools. It is believed that if they existed as early as 50,000 years ago, they may have encountered our own species, considering that Homo sapiens is thought to have arrived in Australia 65,000 years ago.

However, the origin and fate of the “Hobbit” are still unknown. It remains to be determined where they will fit the evolutionary family tree and the reasons for their disappearance.[9]

1 Mystery box – Santa Cruz Island

Dr. Carey Q. Stanton never married and eventually left New York City in 1957 to live on his family ’s ranch on Santa Cruz Island. He is a little weird. In rare cases, he has tourists coming to the ranch. He will strictly abide by the timetable and expect his guests to do the same. Dinner will be provided at 7:30 in the evening, coffee and biscuits will be provided at 8:30 in the evening, and he will immediately retire at 9 pm.

Stanton died on December 8, 1987, and was buried in a private cemetery on the island. His will stated that the ranch will be left to the management of the Nature Conservation Association, which will be responsible for the island ’s activities.

In April 1990, a metal box was found in a shed on the ranch. The human remains that were severely decomposed inside were basically just a pile of ashes. Next to the remains are several sets of dentures dating back to the 50s, clothing buckles dating back to the 1940s and diamond-encrusted rings dating back to the Second World War. The bone fragments found were tested to determine that the remains belonged to an elderly woman, and she was likely to die shortly after the war.

Although Stanton was never believed to be responsible for the woman ’s death, it was still unclear why her body was placed in a metal box on the ranch. She has never been confirmed.[10]

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