Top 10 Truly Horrifying Biblical Entities [COMPETITION]


[Competition: This list includes competition. See the list below for more details.] Humans have always been attracted to giants and creatures, especially when they are considered small and vulnerable. Religious texts and folklore are full of descriptions of such and such, and the Holy Bible is no exception. From fire-breathing dragons to angels with lion faces, this book has it all. Of course, many of these may also be seen as visions of the future or as signs that remind us of the past, but that does not make them frightening. So here are 10 biblical entities that give Satan, Lord of Hell, the occasional nightmare.

10 Nephilim

“There we saw the Nephilim (the Anakim were from the Nephilim); And to us we looked like grasshoppers, so we looked to them. ”- Numbers 13:33

When the Israeli gooey scouts scouted the land of Canaan, I bet they weren’t exactly greedy, instead of being welcomed with milk and honey.

Popular beliefs are that the Nephilim were the offspring of fallen angels and that men, or angels, were ungodly men to have children with women. Another view is that when men of the clan of Seth (Adam and Eve’s third son and righteous) disobeyed God and married women from the Cain clan, they were not required to be acquainted. Yet the crazy non-Biblical rumor is that they are aliens. We can be sure that after the report of the gooey soups they have placed much reflection on the minds of Moses and his undefeated Israeli army.[1]

9 The Second Beast

“Then I saw another beast that had risen from the earth; It had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon. ”- Apocalypse (Revelation) 13:11

Don’t let the small illustration fool you. In fact, it is one of the most famous animals of the Book of Apocalypse, where demons and demons are the norm.

Although it may seem like an indestructible force in itself, its intentions are very different. It almost sounds like a hype man for the infamous First Beast, and makes humans adore the latter, as well as delusions and gradually killing those who disobey. What’s really interesting is that some scholars see the second beast as a future political or religious leader who convinced the world’s population to follow. Eyes open everyone up, you never know who it is.[2]

8 The First Beast

“I saw a beast having ten horns and seven heads coming up out of the sea; It has ten diamonds on its horn, and blasphemous names on its heads. The beast I saw was like a leopard, its feet were like a bear, and its mouth was like a lion’s mouth. ”- Apocalypse 13: 1-2

You cannot talk about the second beast without including the first. Because when you have two, why settle for one?

St. John of Patmos (author of the Book of Apocalypse) also struggled to explain this monster. The Bible says that the authority for it was given by the dragon, was considered Satan, and that it had a serious injury. Wonder where it came from. Even humans say that they worship this beast, because no one can beat it. I can’t blame them. Similar to the interpretations of the second beast, the first beast looks like an entire empire, or perhaps a new world order.[3]

7 The Four Beasts of Daniel

“The first is like a lion and the eagle has wings. Then, as I was looking, its wings were lifted, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made to stand on both feet like a human being; The human mind was given to it. ”- Daniel 7: 4

Something straight from the horror movie, or something straight from the book of Daniel.

In summary, the four animals are described as a lion with an eagle’s wings, a bear, a leopard, and a mysterious fourth beast. Although it may seem small to most readers, the bear has “three ribs between its teeth in its mouth”, a leopard has “four wings of a chicken” and “four heads”, and the fourth is a beast with “great iron teeth” and “ten horns.” It doesn’t seem so safe anymore, do we? Most of Daniel’s visions, however, are figurative, and in fact, these four beasts symbolize the four great kingdoms of that time: Babylon (the lion), Medes and Persia (the bear), Greece (the leopard) and the Roman Empire (the last beast).[4]

6 Cherubim

“For the likeness of their faces: the four have the face of a man, the lion’s face on the right, the face of the ox on the left, and the face of an eagle; Their faces are like that. ”- Ezekiel 1: 10-11

We all thought they were little, innocent baby angels that you see in church pictures…

In fact, they are quite the opposite. Cherubim are described in the Bible as fiery, extraordinary celestial bodies that have a very respectable image in humans. They were mentioned as guardians of the tree’s life in the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were excommunicated and are also known for having their sculptures in the ark of the covenant. In many cases in the Bible, they are known as angels who are very close to God, so clearly they should not be confused.[5]

5 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

“I saw, and there was a light green horse! Its rider’s name was Death, and Hades came with him; they were authorized to kill the earth, the fourth, the sword, the famine, and the plagues, and the wild beasts of the earth.” – Apocalypse 6: 8

Hades, yes, the Greek death god, hesitates behind man on horseback. This is serious business.

Said to be the most recognizable sign of the apocalypse, four horses have become a familiar sight in society. However, almost everyone agrees that these men are symbolic of the Conquest (white knight), war (red knight), famine (black knight), and death (green knight). There are more and more ulations about who the rider of the white horse is, and some take the obvious answer and say that it is Jesus in terms of the rider’s appearance, many think outside the box and say that it is the Antichrist. Whoever they are, keep in mind that in the seven prints of Apocalypse 6, these are only the very first four. Oh boy..[6]

4 200 Million Horsemen

“Riders wear breastplates of fire and sapphire and sulfur; horses ‘heads are like lions’ heads, and out of their mouths fire, smoke and sulfur come out.” – Apocalypse 9:17

That’s right, there are 200 million more to overcome the madness of the previous four.

Not to be confused with the Four Horsemen, this group of killers is part of the events that unfold when the seven trumpets of Apocalypse 9 sound off. Looking at the descriptions, I don’t even know what these things are. The lion’s head and fire-breathing horses, enters from the Euphrates River. It was a truly spectacular sight. With that in mind, given the exact geographical location listed and the current size of Asia’s population, some believe that the equestrian is a modern-day army from the unified Asian countries. I believe they don’t ride fire-breathing horses. [7]

3 Abaddon’s Pit Locusts

“On their heads are golden crowns; their faces are like human faces, their hair is like women’s hair, their teeth are like lions’ teeth; they have scales like an iron breast.” – Apocalypse 9: 7-8

And you thought simple locusts were bad enough!

These brutes, along with 200 million horses, account for one-third of humanity’s deaths. Locusts still fear society for their ability to effectively destroy food supplies, but the Bible has ordered these crops not to touch a single crop, and instead tortures those who do not have the sign of the Lord on their foreheads. Their controversial leader, the angel Abadan, is believed to be an angel or fallen angel in the army of God. What you can take away from this is that most people don’t think it’s a metaphor…[8]

2 Behemoth

“Its strength is in the waist, and its power lies in its belly muscles. It tilts its tail like a cedar; The sinews of its thighs are woven together. Its bones are bronze tubes, and its limbs are like iron bars. ”—Job 40: 16-18

Now we have reached the top dogs.

The name means a huge number and a cruel one in contemporary society. The Book of Job is known for having vivid descriptions of two of God’s most powerful creations, one of which is Behemoth. It is believed to be the primary terrestrial organism and is feared by many animals due to its powerful roar. However, no matter how hairy its description is, it is said to be very tranquil because it has never been corrupted by Chaos and is also a vegan. Some believe that it is a biblical-era dinosaur, while others believe it is a distant ancestor of the modern hippo or elephant.[9]

1 Leviathan

“Smoke comes from its nostrils, from the boiling pot and the fiery rush. Its breath burns charcoal, and from its mouth comes a flame. There is strength in its neck, and terror is dancing in front of it.” – Job 41: 20-22

It is my opinion that it is worth mentioning that the whole of Job 41 is dedicated to this anomaly.

Without it, the list of biblical creatures would not be complete, it is said to be the strongest creation of God. While the Behemoth controls the land, the Leviathan is the big master of the seas, and unfortunately nowhere near as quiet as its monster’s cousin. Big RIP for us. Before you celebrate, the Bible says that God really defeated this monster. Like the Behemoth, some believe that the Leviathan is a sea-based dinosaur, while others think it is a mutant ancestor of a modern crocodile or whale, but when I last checked it, I don’t think they caught fire.[10]

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