Who Will Lead North Korea After Kim Jong Un?


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Many people know Kim Jong Un for the frequent mind games he plays with Donald Trump and other world leaders. He is best known for his haircut, his eccentric behavior, and he often makes gifts to rival countries such as the United States, Japan, and, of course, South Korea. However, most people don’t know much about his personal life, his family, and his net worth. Here are some of the most interesting facts about the leader of North Korea.

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Personal Life, Family, and Career


Kim Jong Un is a 36-year-old leader of North Korea, and he is married to Ri Sol-Ju. Two of them have a daughter Ju-ae. It measures 1.7 meters and weighs 130 kilos. In addition, we know that he smokes and fights against high blood pressure and diabetes.

He became North Korea’s leader in 2012 when he succeeded his father, Kim Jong-il. Before that, he had been a general sense 2010, and after his father’s death in 2011, it was clear what his future role would be. After 2014, when he became the supreme leader of the People’s Assembly and the head of national defense, North Korea continued its strategy of developing nuclear weapons.

In addition, he has been awarded several times in his country. In addition to being a leader and chief official in North Korea, he also holds the title of army general, supreme commander, director of state affairs, central military intelligence, and president of the main political organization.

Connection with Celebrities


Although we all know him mostly for his poor relations with the United States, he often shows great interest in American culture. The best example is his friendship with former NBA star Dennis Rodman, and we get to see them often together when Rodman visits him. Other celebrities include Damon Albarn of Gorillaz, who visited North Korea in 2015.

In addition, a popular European rock band, Laibach, managed to organize a concert in North Korea in 2015, which is another indication that it is not as close to European and American culture as everyone thinks. Popular people who have visited the country include Mohamad Alli and Michael Palin.

Net Worth


While his country is known for its extreme poverty, poor infrastructure, and low wages, it has a surprisingly high net worth of more than $6 billion. He is known for his life of luxury, expensive vehicles, alcohol, and cigars. According to some reports, his annual income is more than $600 million. As for his habits, his favorite cigars are Yves Saint Laurent, while he usually enjoys a glass of Johnie Walker. In addition, we can see that he knows how to show class, especially thanks to his vehicle, a Mercedes Benz 600.

It is in the Top 50 of the world’s most popular leaders. However, its popularity is high because of its lack of respect for human rights, its critical relations with other leaders and its numerous violations of international agreements.

Who Will Lead North Korea After Kim Jong Un?


Reports that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is close to death after heart surgery has shocked people around the world. Audiences around the world were surprised to learn that Kim Jong Un is in a vegetative state after the operation. As information about his death began to spread around the world, people began to wonder who would be the country’s next leader after his alleged death.

His family has ruled North Korea for 70 years, since his grandfather Kim Il-sung founded the country in 1948. Since Kim Jong Un has not decided who will be the country’s next leader, the question is who will be his successor. According to information published by Bloomberg, his children are too young to hold the position, but several candidates may inherit his position. Let’s see who the possible candidates are.

Kim Jo Jong


Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Jo Jong, is one of his brother’s closest advisers and aides. At the same time, she holds a high position within the party. As she is half a family representative and close adviser to her brother, she is one of the most likely candidates for the position. She became deputy leader of the party’s Politburo. It is a question, since she is a woman, to have the necessary qualifications to be the next leader of the country since all the previous presidents were men.

Kim Jong Un’s Son

It seems that Kim Jong Un’s son would be the most logical solution. The reason is that all the family members who inherited the posts were the sons of the previous one. This was the case for all the leaders of the country. In 2009, Kim Jong Un married a singer, Ri Sol-Ju, and is believed to have three children together. However, these rumors are not confirmed. They would have a son, born in 2010. Dennis Rodman, who spent some time in the country, confirmed that he has a daughter. It seems that one of his children will succeed him once they have grown up.

Kim Han Sol


Perhaps she would like the best chance of becoming Kim Jong Un’s successor to Go to Kim Han Sol. He’s a cousin of the North Korean leader. He is a son of Kim Jong Nam, who is the half-brother of Kim Jong Un. However, his chances are slim. The reason is that his father fled North Korea and went to Macau in 2017. According to Chinese police, it appears that Kim Jong Un ordered his cousin’s death because he was involved in some kind of conspiracy that led to the death of Kim Jong Un. To date, the public does not know where they are and what their status is.

Kim Jong-Chul

The North Korean leader’s only surviving brother is Kim Jong-Chul. However, according to several sources, the chances of him being the country’s next leader are quite low. The reason is that he is not interested in politics and prefers to be a musician. The public is aware of this fact because one of the diplomats of the North Korean embassy in London, Tae Jong Ho, said that the brother of the leader had no status in the country. He’s just considered a gifted guitarist.

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