Woman Dies 27 Hours After Giving Birth, Then Her Husband Opens Her Computer And Breaks Down


The couple Matt and Liz Logelin seemed to be able to overcome everything. From high school to a long-distance relationship, from getting an impressive job to entering into a contract, everything went for the better until their daughter was born. Then the tragedy turned everything upside down.

1. Fairy-Tale Beginnings

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Matt and Liz, originally from Minnesota, met at a gas station when they were both in senior year. Liz approached Matt and mispronounced his name. Anyway, this triggered the beginning of a fairytale love story, and the two became inseparable until it was time to go to university.

2. Enduring Long Distances

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The lovers were enrolled in different colleges, Liz going to California while Matt attended a local university. The couple endured the distance but maintained their relationship. When Matt considered pursuing a doctorate after completing his master’s degree, he made a life-changing decision.

3. Matters Of The Heart

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After all these years of separation, Matt decided to cross half the country to join his beloved in Los Angeles. From there, the two men took their lives by the horns. They traveled the world and made new memories together. With life and love apparently on their side, Matt asked Liz in Nepal.

4. Lives Ahead Of Them

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After exchanging vows in 2005, Matt and Liz were thrilled to start their lives together and things seemed to be going well. Matt being project manager at Yahoo and Liz being a financial executive at Disney, the couple bought a house together. But happiness didn’t stop there.

5. Baby Makes Three

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Two years after their marriage, the young couple discovered that they were expecting their first child, a daughter. They were eager to share this joyous news with their loved ones. But since they couldn’t all be present, the parents-to-be started a pregnancy blog to keep them up to date.

6. Not An Easy Pregnancy

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They kept people regularly informed of Liz’s progress through adorable photos on the blog. However, Liz’s pregnancy was not easy. Usually healthy and active, Liz suffered from severe morning sickness and was even hospitalized for a few weeks after her pregnancy was classified as high risk.

7. Only A Brief Look

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Meanwhile, Matt kept an eye on his wife and continued to update their pregnancy blog. On March 24, 2008, the couple welcomed their daughter, Madeline (Maddy), to the world by cesarean section. She weighed just 1.5 kilograms. 14 oz, Maddy was rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit after Liz briefly saw her little girl.

8. Welcoming Madeline

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Delighted, Matt announced the birth on the blog: “Madeline is here!” – “The proud parents will still inform everyone about our beautiful baby. we glance forward to more excellent news tonight,” he added. But he would never have imagined the words he would soon write.

9. Waiting To Hold The Little One

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Liz couldn’t wait to hold her daughter in her arms. However, doctors ordered her to stay in bed for another 24 hours before getting her on wheels to see her baby. It was a moment Liz and Matt had been waiting for a long time. But when all three of them were able to enjoy a much-needed time of rapprochement, tragedy struck.

10. A Terrifying Blur

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When Matt helped Liz get into a wheelchair, she suddenly said “I feel dizzy” and collapsed in her arms. Although the nurses told him that fainting is common among new moms, Matt felt something was wrong with his dear wife.

11. 27 Hours After Birth

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Just 27 hours after giving birth to Madeline, a rare and fatal pulmonary embolism tragically swept away Liz at the age of 30. Devastated, Matt was left in shock. “She was never going to hold her baby in her arms,” Matt recalls.

12. Heartbreak

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In one day, Matt has gone from an ecstatic new father to a devastated widower. He expected to fill the pregnancy blog with pictures of the happy family, but instead, his next post was heartbreaking. “On the same day, my world collapsed,” he wrote with sadness.

13. A Bittersweet Realization

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Matt found himself both a widower of grief and a new father in love. Leaving free rein to the confusion of emotions, he is overwhelmed by the idea of raising the newborn Maddy alone. He went into the service and took his little girl in his arms for the first time.

14. Agonizing Reminders

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The first few weeks after Liz died were truly impossible. He couldn’t bring himself to get rid of any reminders of her or his wedding band. When he went out with Madeline, he found himself comforting strangers who were saddened by his response to where the baby’s mother was. “She gave up the ghost the day after the baby was born,” he’d say.

15. Intense Emotions

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When Matt was finally able to bring Madeleine home for the first time, he felt the house revive. The first few weeks after Liz’s death had been scary, but Matt was encouraged by the thought that his daughter needed him and that part of his wife lived in her.

16. Coping With Reality

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To channel his intense feelings, Matt started posting to a web parenting forum. He also refashioned his and Liz’s pregnancy blog into a private parenting blog. the only father found some solace in writing. He also received useful advice on the way to look after a baby from parents in similar situations.


17. An Overwhelming Response

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Matt’s blog, now called “Matt, Liz and Madeline”: Life and Death, All in a 27-Hour Period, would be a virtual album for Madeline. He produced something inspiring and incredible from a tragedy. Soon, the forum became a widespread cathartic outlet, attracting tens of thousands of visitors a day.

18. Unimaginable Care

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In addition to their precious lyrics, the blog also proved to be a rallying point for something truly sincere. In addition to his vows, the single father began receiving various items such as diaper bags, baby nail clippers, and baby clothes that quickly filled the modest living room of their home. “I never imagined that people would care about us the way they do,” Matt said gratefully.

19. The Liz Logelin Foundation

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With the help of some of his regular readers, Matt created a charity on Liz’s behalf. As Liz herself was a runner, the foundation organized 5km marches and races in Liz’s hometown, and all the money raised was donated to the widows and widowers Matt had met on her blog.

20. Remembering Liz Around The World

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The Foundation also hosted a “Celebration of Hope” gala on the weekend closest to Liz’s birthday on September 17, as well as an event called “5K Walk/Run/Hope Around the World”. All proceeds from these activities go directly to the Liz Logelin Foundation. But the story doesn’t end there.

21. A Love Letter

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Over time, Matt was struck by what proportion his daughter seemed like his late wife. He realized that “in some ways, it (his blog) may be a billet-doux to Madeline and Liz”. “I want Madeline to understand that her father didn’t just get into a ball and begin drinking tons. I would like her to understand that I used to be there, that I used to be doing everything I could for her, which I used to be trying to form her as happy as possible,” Matt said.

22. The Year Milestone

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Matt was blown away by the response to his blog and all of the opportunities that it presented. Matt and Maddie were now also heavily invested in helping others in similar positions. But the two would soon start on a new path that would again change things in a big way.

23. Another Chance at Love

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The same year that Matt’s book about his first year as a widower and single dad was published, it seemed that love was within the air again for Matt. He started dating Brooke Gullikson, who volunteered with the Liz Logelin Foundation. the 2 had met the previous year at one among the organization’s annual fundraiser runs. Brooke said she knew nearly instantly that Matt was the one. Finally, things appeared to be looking up for the widower.

24. The Word Got Out

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When Brooke moved from Minnesota to l. a. to be with Matt and Maddy, he felt the necessity to post evidence on his blog. Underlining that he hadn’t replaced Liz, he wrote: “But even in my darkest … moments there has been happiness and with Brooke now in our lives, there’s even more happiness.” While the couple had initially wanted to stay a coffee profile regarding their relationship, the word soon got out. However, not everyone was as enthusiastic. While most of Matt’s blog readers were supportive, others were more critical and accused him of getting “swept Liz under the carpet.”

25. Going Their Separate Ways

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Brook conducted an interview with Parenting.com during which she opened about her thoughts on being a “replacement mom.” By the summer of 2013, things between Matt and Brooke fizzled. Matt then took to Facebook to verify during a now-deleted post that the 2 had gone their separate ways. Although things didn’t compute with Brooke, life still had more surprises for Matt, and love wouldn’t be lost on him.

26. A New Romance?

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After the hack with Brooke, Matt took a while alone. However, rumors began to swirl about him dating Lizzie Molyneux, a writer for the animated series Bob’s Burgers. The rumors appeared to be confirmed when the 2 appeared together at a benefit comedy show for The Liz Logelin Foundation within the fall of 2016. Nonetheless, inquisitive fans discovered something wonderful.

27. A Secret Ceremony

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Matt Logelin and Lizzie Molyneux had largely kept information about their relationship covert to guard their privacy. However, fans discovered a marriage website for Matt Logelin and Lizzie Molyneux. The pair had secretly wed in Palm Springs, California in February 2018. And while Matt Logelin might like better to be discreet on his private life lately, his chronicles about Maddy have caught the attention of 1 particular A-lister.

28. Going Full Circle

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In 2009, with Maddy by his side, Matt traveled to India where he wrote a memoir entitled Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss – Love. India was a particularly important place as Matt and Liz had been there after their wedding. The book immediately became a New York Times bestseller, and the odds were even greater.

29. On-Screen Adaptation

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In 2016, rumors began circulating that Channing Tatum would be taking over a big-budget film adaptation of the book in Hollywood. The famous actor is believed to be executive producer and could even star in the current father-daughter drama. So, where are Matt and Maddy?

30. Not An Octopus

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After the dissertation, Matt co-wrote with his friend Sara Jensen a children’s book called Be Glad Your Dad… (Is Not an Octopus!). It is a humorous, G-rated version of the game “Would you rather” accompanied by adorable illustrations by Jared Chapman, and has received rave reviews.

31. Maddy Today

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Maddy turned 10 on March 24, 2018. It also marks the tenth anniversary of his mother’s tragic death. Over the years, Maddy has gotten to know his mother through stories and photos. She has also been involved in the Foundation’s activities and has even tried to raise funds for those in need outside of the organization’s usual activities.

32. Moving Forward Without Forgetting

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All these years, Matt has done everything in his power to surround his daughter with love and happiness and to honor the memory of his late wife Liz. His story is a valuable example of how to teach others how to recover from a tragedy and make the most of what seems to be an impossible situation.

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